Thursday, November 22, 2007

Garden Activity Moves Inside

I made a mad grab for a number of my favourite tropicals a couple of weeks ago and dumped them around the house. I'm doing my best in the midst of this kitchen renovation to keep them alive. Over the next few weeks I'll start to take some cuttings. I'm particularly keen to see if I can make more of this gorgeous variegated brugmansia. It bloomed just before the last frost. I left it in its original container when I planted it in the larger ceramic planter. This made it a little easier to bring inside this fall.

And for a while when it lived in the living room - it looked fabulous. The flowers were beautifully scented. However, its looks faded quickly - now it's a pathetic 2 meter creature of bare stocks and just a few leaves. While it may be ugly now, I think I'll be able to take at least three good cuttings. And, just imagine how beautiful they'll be next summer!

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