Friday, November 9, 2007

The Land of the Giants at the Royal Winter Fair

I love the Royal Winter Fair. Today was Holstein Day! What do I know about cows? Very little, but I do like a beauty contest and this was the ultimate in bovine beauty. These lovely 3- year-old girls were chosen from a quite a field. There's nothing like watching their slow procession around the ring. When the final selection was made and the winner was crowned the announcer proclaimed, "These are all fine cows, but when you have a cow as beautiful as the black one, the job of picking the winner is simple." I'm still no wiser as to what constitutes a beautiful cow, but do have to admit she is quite lovely.

One of my favourite parts of the fair is the award winning vegetables - chosen for their size - these top beets would give any child nightmares. And can you believe the Sicilian zucchini! Kevin is 6'5" - they are enormous. Taller still are the sunflowers and corn - just a-maizing. (forgive me). The gigantic pumpkins always draw a crowd. I cannot imagine growing a squash over 1000 lbs - and then having to haul it down to the Royal.

So it's out in the garden tomorrow - there were a few flurries yesterday, followed by rain - so if it's dry enough, I'm going to get some of my bulbs in. Fingers crossed!

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