Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's Seed Catalogue Time!

Each year I start about 60 different varieties of seeds: trees, bushes and shrubs, bulbs, annuals, vegetables and perennials -I'll try anything.

My favourites seed companies are Stokes, Veseys, Select Seeds and Gardens North - the last two appear only on-line.

Along with my own seeds, I order enough flower seed for 850 seed packages that Kevin and I mail out to his real estate clients with our spring newsletter. Each year is something different.

I'll be checking my notes and photos from several different trial sites to see what I might like to order. One I'll be sure to include is a Rudbeckia called Cappuccino from Veseys in PEI - here's a photo I took in September at their trial site - fingers crossed that it will do as well in my garden!

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