Monday, January 14, 2008

Amaryllis - More is Always More

Almost 6 weeks to the day, the amaryllis began to bloom. I believe the secret to a good show is planting as many as you can and grouping the pots. There's something about a little forest of giant white and raspberry flowers that just makes my heart sing on a cloudy rainy day.

It's another bizarre winter - mid-January and the snow is completely gone and the soil is definitely soggy. I can see daffodils pushing their way to the surface. All those hosta leaves I'd hoped to clean up after they'd provided their gorgeous fall colour are now pancaked on the soil looking like grey slime.

Last week I was at Landscape Ontario and saw what was new for 2008 - for decoratives, such as pots and wall hangings, the story is back to nature and natural colours - browns, beige, metals and natural stone colours. In the plant world, the search is out for even more unique looking plants - Terra Nova has some fantastical introductions. Other nurseries have developed lines of plants that are native to Canada, and not only are attractive, but have the added advantage of probably making it through the winter.....something to really consider when I'm spending my plant dollars!

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