Monday, January 28, 2008

Blue Flowers in the Garden

There is nothing lovelier than blue flowers in the garden. Pictured here are Mertensia virginica - Virginia Blue Bells. While their baby blue blossoms don't last long, they truly are one of the wonders of spring. They grow to a height and width of about 15cm. After they're finished blooming, the whole plant dies back to the ground. So, it's one of those plants you want to combine with hosta - something that will come out later and cover up the nasty dead leaves. Mertensia virginica is available from nurseries in the early spring. It is a much harder sell, as you can well imagine, later in the year, when the leaves have completely died back and you're left with what looks like an empty pot.

If you have a bit of space in the shade, be sure to include these lovely blue flowers for your spring garden.

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