Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Plant to Add Light to the Shade Garden

There is a long section in my front garden by the house that needs to be overhauled. While two pink Rhodos add colour early in the season, I realize that I need more eye-catching colour throughout the garden season. Looking through my photos, I think I've found a piece of the solution to the puzzle.

This pretty Hosta with the scrumptious name of - Pineapple Upside Down Cake growing in my back garden is large enough to split and will make a great punctuation point in the garden bed. It has pretty light yellow leaves with green edges and nice lance-shaped leaves.

I'll split the Hosta early in spring after the shoots have broken the surface of the soil being careful not to damage any of the leaves. While this isn't deadly to the plant, it does mean a full summer of ratty looking leaves - something I'd like to avoid. Now that I have one of the key plants in my perennial shade planting, it's on to find more - perhaps in my own garden, or maybe something new from the garden centre this spring!

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