Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Search for Treasures in the Seed Catalogues

This summer I had the good fortune to visit Prince Edward Island on a garden writers tour. At Vesey's Seeds we had a tour of the trial gardens and saw many new plants that had been put through their paces during an extremely wet summer. Many of us noticed this lovely new annual called Monarda 'Bergamo'. It had a very pretty colour, nice leaves and interesting form that we thought would work well in mixed floral borders. Monardas, as you may know, can be horribly afflicted with mildews. This stalwart planting showed absolutely none whatsoever - and given the amount of wet that year - it certainly seemed to live up to its press release of being highly mildew resistant.
'Bergamo' is being offered at both Vesey's and Park Seeds - two of my favourite mail order suppliers. It definitely will be on my seed list this year!

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