Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Gardening for Winter Interest

Same spot - different season!
Who knew that the most important rule for good winter interest was ensuring that my plants would be tall enough. Another dump of snow last night, and the little bits and pieces that I was able to enjoy in the snow are almost all completely covered.
It's at this moment when I really appreciate all the lovely evergreens for the winter interest that they provide - the Hemlock, Eastern White Pines and Norway Spruce. Against the blue sky, they just look like postcards.

Great day at the mail box! Unsolicited seeds have arrived from McKenzie - Purple Wave and Bacopa. And, my Gardens North perennial seed order is here. Many things to be started now. An Arisaema ciliatum liubaense (no can't remember what this is, but it must have looked great in the photograph!) needs seed soaked overnight, then pressed into soil-less mix. Note on seed package says, "May take many weeks to sprout, so be patient." Dicentra scandens - a yellow flowered, climbing Bleeding Heart should be planted now in a pot and put outside in the cold. I'll seal it in a zippered bag so the squirrels will have a harder time of it.

Happy to start gardening again!

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solopoesie said...


Do not enclose the dream
Inside a box
To pull out when you go
Slowly because
It will stifle
And soon svanirà ...

Free to let it fly,
Left drag
And not resistance,
Imbued with dream
At any time ...

Become TU dream
And the dream will become TE!
And 'only in that way
It becomes reality.
A hug to all of your dreams .... Free to fly in this space !!!!!!