Friday, March 7, 2008

Last of the Seed Order has Arrived

All kinds of trouble trying to post photographs - not sure if it's the Norton upgrade, or just that things are a bit slow. Anyway, had completely forgotten about the William Dam order - it just arrived. Apparently, they've had a large increase in orders - does my heart good, if this means more of us are planting from seed, plus their paper packet supplier went bankrupt with their paper on their floor. So, in addition to the two unsolicited packages of veggies that just arrived from McKenzie Seed of Manitoba, that means I'll be starting 89 different types of seeds this year. I'm trying a All America Selection from 1939 called Indian Spring Hollyhock - the odd instructions say that it is an annual that overwinters in mild climates, then in the next sentence say it is a biennial that reseeds itself. So, it will either bloom or not, or winter over, or not, or reseed, or not. Looks like it will be another season of surprises. Anyway, these seeds must be soaked overnight before sewing and will go into a pot on my light table sometime in the next two weeks or so.

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