Friday, April 25, 2008

The Best Garden Designs

Yesterday morning I saw just how pretty this house and garden looked on my walk and decided to go back in the afternoon to get a photograph. I've always liked that they've got a wonderful old-fashioned garden that supports and showcases their home.

In the earliest of spring, Scilla is allowed to run through the grass so that the entire lawn turns vibrant blue. In fact, the grass isn't in need of a cut, it is simply the leaves from the Scilla that you now see. Daffodils have spread beyond their neat boundaries around several trees adding to the romantic effect.

Plant material that would have been used over 100 years ago - such as the magnolia, yews and English ivy complete the spring look. Colour is picked up again in mid-summer with climbing roses and clematis along the wrought iron fence.

Learning about the historical style of your home and what might have been planted during that time before you head out to the nursery is always a good idea. While you may not find the original cultivars - there are many great new ones that will give you many years of pleasure and compliment the style of your home.

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