Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Plant Perfection - Helleborus Ivory Prince

Yesterday tackled more leaves in the front garden - a 5-paper bag day. Glad I've got most of the major stuff out of the beds, hosta have started to break the soil surface and it feels like I'm stepping on fingers when I accidentally trod on one. Neighbours must think I'm mad - as I mutter "sorry, sorry, sorry" when I feel the sickening crunch under foot.

In the back garden, lots to do still, but couldn't resist just wandering about this a.m. taking it all in. Helleborus 'Ivory Prince' is the only thing blooming at the moment. I've been really pleased with this plant - it's in its third year and was started by Skagit Nurseries. It had three strikes against it going into my garden - it was started on the west coast in a far more benevolent climate; it was developed in England - and often some of these plants just don't do well for me; and I plunked it in the garden in October- spring is the recommended time to plant Helleborus. No matter, it bloomed after its first winter and continues to look terrific. And, if the blossoms weren't pretty enough - the leaves during the summer and fall are tinged with red and silver. Hardy, drought and disease resistant, and lovely to look at from early spring to snow fall - what could be better?

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