Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring Panic

Well, the snow is finally gone all in one gigantic melt - and those bits and pieces that I've left in my garden to hold the leaves over the winter obviously have done their job. So, it has begun - the mad scramble to clean up the beds, do the final cutting back and see what has survived over the winter. It looks like all the snow worked like a charm - I've got Zone 7 material that I'd normally treat like annuals - growing beautifully and sending up lovely green bits at their base. Some Carex that I'd started last year as little annuals are big and beefy.

I put in 3 hours on Tuesday and thought I was ready for surgery. Talk about losing my garden muscles! Yesterday I restricted myself to 90 minutes and was able to walk after - so I consider that a pretty successful day. Am a bit discouraged at all that is left to do, so had a look at some of my old photos to cheer me on. Found this one of my lily bed from a couple of years ago taken in mid July. It is just magic to think that in 3 months - the bed will go from beige grey leaves and dust to lush green leaves and lovely flowers.

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