Saturday, May 17, 2008

Proof Positive - Pests Don't Read

Pictured here is a "pest free" perennial called Inula royleana. The phantum creature who had a nice feed appears to be m.i.a. I started this perennial from seed in 2006 based on the description - anything that starts out with "a fantastic species from the Himalayas" has my interest right out of the gate. The fact that it had "felty leaves and immense 10cm yellow flowers" just sealed the deal!
Last year when this happened, I thought, "oh well, just a fluke." Now that I see the damage is even worse the second year, I'd say it's proof positive that the creatures did not read about the pest free feature of Inula royleana.
So, I'll remove the ugliest of the leaves and continue to let them grow - if the flowers impress this year, I'll put up with the early spring leaf damage and will keep the plants, if they aren't, it's off to the regional composter!

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