Monday, May 26, 2008

Tulips are Fading

The Mount Tacoma tulips are pretty even as they splatter open and fade. Was looking through photos from last year and saw that the garden is a week behind where it was last year - sort of like me. Still have all my pots to put together, and some annuals that I'd like to seed in some spots where I've determined that the perennials are not merely resting, they are indeed quite dead. Close to 27C this evening - can't believe it was 4C last week.

Was thrilled to see that a Hydrangea heteromalla that I'd started from seed in 2003 is going to bloom this year - 5 years from seed to bloom - not bad!

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Helen Wilkie said...

I know most people like tulips when they are closed, and they are a lovely shape. But I love them when they are open like this --- I always think they look happy!