Saturday, June 14, 2008

An Unusual Bulb for Sun or Shade

This interesting member of the onion family is called Allium nectaroscortum siculum and was brought to my garden by chance. Like all the allium I have tried (I think I've got about 6 different varieties), it self seeds very easily. Chances are, the seed arrived in my garden in a potted perennial that is now long gone. It is growing in sandy soil in a shaded location under a PeeGee Hydrangea - and stands about a meter high. It's a quiet sort of plant that you have to look for - the blooms are a soft green/pink shade. From the one chance plant, I now have three.

You would find find this allium in early fall in a good nursery, or on-line from a bulb supplier. For something that's a little unusual that works in both sun and shade - it's another good plant.


Jim/ArtofGardening said...

This plant seems a bit too subtle for my tastes. I like the big 'ol ball of screaming color allium that look like they were hybridized by Dr. Suess.

Hey - you're in Oakville? You're practically a neighbor (I'm in Buffalo).

Do you know Warner Drive? I have a friend that lives there.

Barbarapc said...

I'll be sure to post a few of those too - they are looking really pretty just about now.

Warner is on the west side of Oakville - your friend is a little closer to the lake than I am - I'm just down the street from the hospital - probably only 15 minutes drive away!