Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hydrangeas looking Great - Bugs & Mildews Moving In

I cannot get over how beautiful the hydrangeas are this year. All those that are borderline hardy appear to be blooming, or are getting ready to bloom - and those that normally do well, are outdoing themselves. This is Hydrangea quercifolia - an oak leaf hydrangea - is over 10 years old and it is the best it has ever been. As you can see, I'm still having fun with my digital close-up.

Yesterday saw my first Japanese beetles - will have to be vigilant. Their primary target last year was a Hamamelis (witch hazel) - I kept myself entertained with my "bucket of death". Just an ordinary bucket of water and a bit of dish soap - I'd tap on the branches - they'd let go, falling into the bucket and drowning. Three days of this, and they'd pretty much gone through their cycle.

Also have mildew all over the peonies - have never seen this before - it isn't pretty. I've tried a spray of milk and baking soda in the past - looks like I'll have to hunt up the spray bottle.

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