Saturday, August 30, 2008

Clematis heracleifolia

Was bombarded by mosquitoes this a.m. Don't think my photographic focus process was helped any by the mad slapping and dodging of these little pests. It's really late in the season to be bothered by them - must be all the rain. Also found another round of Japanese Beetles hard at work, making more Japanese Beetles. The bees are everywhere - flowers of choice at the moment are the big pink blossoms of the Eupatorium.

Here's an oddball Clematis: C. heracleifolia that I started from seed in 2006 from Gardens North. Quite a nice lavender blue colour, and it is scented in the evening - smells a little like lily of the valley - which is a real head twist scent for the fall. It could be left to scramble I suppose, but with all our rain, those I've left are hiding under things rather than poking through other foliage. C. heracleifolia is very bushy at the base with long narrow stems - this one is supported in a little bamboo tee pee I made and grows about 175 cm (4-5 ft) high or so. The flowers are small compared to the splashy mid-summer varieties. And like most perennials that are 'easy from seed' it does move around a bit in the garden - so you'll have lots of little plants to share with friends.

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