Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Creature from Outer Space

This odd-ball looking flower bud is from the Brugmansia that has been hammered by hail. While the leaves are completely desiccated, the buds have formed and look like they'll be putting on a fantastic display in spite of their pathetic looking leaves.

Another rain storm has left more of the garden on the ground. I've completely exhausted my supply of bamboo stakes! I've made a preemptive strike on the sunflowers this afternoon in hopes of keeping them upright, and have gathered together and stuffed into a circle of stakes and twine the Veronicastrum. The window of opportunity is very slim to get these chores done - I have to move quickly between the bouts of heavy rain and the unbelievable masses of bees that are attracted to the slender white blossoms of the Veronicastrum.


Barbee' said...

Last year we had two bad hail storms in late spring and early summer. All the water lilies, hostas, and others were shredded. They looked pitiful!

The Hunky Gardener said...

We had a bad hail storm last year at the greenhouse I was working at. The entire hosta section was reduced to sticks!

We can't get away with overwintering Brugs here but our parliament grounds overwinters them in a greenhouse and plants them out every spring. Of course, I have to deal with every customer who is convinced the plant is a hardy perennial because they don't realize they are overwintered inside!

Barbarapc said...

barbee - that's just crummy. I've never seen hail damage to water lilies - how sad.

the hunky gardener - my Brug lived beside my desk all winter and was the silliest looking plant - 175 cm of stem topped with 3 rather pathetic looking leaves. If a good hail storm sends my poor Brug to intensive care - those clients don't want to see what a snow storm will do....however, should take care of the spider mite.