Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beautiful Fall Day on the Oakville Garden Tour

With pre-ticket sales low, organizers were a little apprehensive about Sunday's tour. The Oakville Beaver, our local rag, didn't give us the coverage they usually do - something sorry excuse about a federal election or something? Anyway, not as many people as we get for the summer tours - but still a good turnout - and we couldn't have asked for a better day!
All seven gardens were gardened by their owners, which was nice to see - and most, if not all garden organically, or as close to as possible - so again, a really good example of what you can do in your garden without relying on man made chemicals. There were gardens using mainly natives and those with plants from around the world. And best of all, maybe it's the snoop in my, but it's always fun to find out what's going on behind the garden fences!


easygardener said...

Those are lovely gardens and an interesting selection of planting. Always good to see gardens you would like to sit in yourself.

julian said...

Those look so well maintained, nothing like our garden :p

Barbarapc said...

Julian - I think the fear of having 600 of their new best garden friends coming over to see their gardens put them into maintenance overdrive! Once when I was on a tour, the president of the hort society casually mentioned the day before the tour, "Barbara your garden is lovely, you hardly notice the weeds!"

Glädjekällan said...

Autumn is really a great garden season too.
Visiting ohers gardens always inspires me a lot.
Can see that you had a lovely day.

Titania said...

Beautiful, interesting Gardens, always something to pick up and try in your own garden! I like to be a copycat but most of the time I have to adapt to my garden and what looks great in another is not suited to mine; the copy turns out in a different way. Most of the time it is just great relaxation, deep satisfaction and pleasure to visit and look at different gardens.