Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Heavenly Heptacodium is in Bloom

I purchased this Heptacodium about 10 years ago or so from the Royal Botanical Gardens - and this is the best display so far. I believe its common name is Seven Son Flower and according to the tag it was supposed to be about 10 feet high . Well, this is what happens when you get a plant from China that few people have grown in this area. It is well over the roof of the house - and it may grow larger. It is one of the few trees that bloom in fall for me. And, as the flowers fall, the calyxes turn dark red - so when the branches are bare, it looks like it has dark red blossoms. Last year I got an inkling of what this might look like - hope to post a good photo this year. Aside from its blooming pattern (and I've discovered almost intoxicating tropical floral scent), it also handles shade very well - in fact at the RBG they have theirs growing in a dense forest situation. It has exfoliating bark - which is always a plus in the winter. And, the bees adore it as you can see. I was trying to focus on one of these blossoms, which are well above my head, when this little creature flew into the shot.


Lucy Corrander said...

It's auditioning.

Lucy Corrander

Barbarapc said...

With the Toronto Film Festival in town - even the bees are getting into the act - perhaps not his best side?

hap said...

That's nice when you get a good shot like that when your not looking for it. We were really missing the bees this summer. I'll have to find out if the Heptacodium will work where I live.