Monday, October 6, 2008

Garden Drama

This nice celadon vessel is home to one of my oldest and most cherished begonias. I won it years ago in a draw. It was grown by Janet Anderson Perennials and was a new Terra Nova introduction.
I managed to get it home in sub-zero weather on public transit in March. While I've been quite content to allow other begonias languish and die due to my poor indoor horticultural practices - I have always managed to keep this wonderful specimen alive - and it has continued to please me for years.
However, our relationship may have come to an end. This Saturday, while I was deconstructing the planter, I discovered it is also home to a wasp nest. I'd been ripping out surrounding annuals and perennials from the pot and had no idea they were there... It was only when I moved the pot that I discovered, my lovely begonia was not alone.
So, will they abandon my planter before the frost so I can bring in my dear begonia, or must I just watch my poor friend get whacked by frost and die? I have a feeling I'll be drawing the drapes and looking for a replacement next year.

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Jim/ArtofGardening said...

Talk about a draw! You're in a no-win situation. Keep us posted.