Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Leaves & More Leaves for Thanksgiving

Had a spectacular w/e with family at sister-in-law Joanne & Owen's cottage. The weather was out of this world. For us to have 26C weather (almost 80F) - in mid-October is just unbelievable. Look at these fall colours - the record rainfall this summer made for healthy strong trees and great leaf display - who knows when it will ever be like this again.

So here are pictures and more pictures of leaves: leaves at the lake; leaves near the road; and leaves at the golf course. Those were a hoot to photograph - felt like I was in a Bollywood feature - everytime I rounded a corner someone would press a button and another sprinkler would blast water vapour into the air next to where I was standing. Alas, you won't see me on the big screen anytime soon - they were simply clearing the system of any water so it doesn't freeze over the winter. The course closes in a couple of weeks.


Glädjekällan said...

So lovely colors!
I don't like the grey autumn and winter that we often have here but I do like the colorful end of Summer.
Have a wonderful Autumn

snappy said...

i love your photos, what a beautiful day for taking autumn pictures and such spectacular colours!

Northern Shade said...

You captured some fantastic fall colour in the trees. It makes me nostalgic for Ontario. We don't have as many vibrant fall reds in Alberta.

Titania said...

It is very worthwhile to show all this beautiful autumn colour. The glory of autumn rivals the flowers.
In the subtropics we get the odd colourful leave in Spring before they fall also in spring, it is all Topsy turfy. Thank you for this great show.
Thank you for stopping by, Barbara.

Barbarapc said...

Birgitta - I too long for colour - our winters here are very grey - so I store up as many colourful images as I can to enjoy for those dreary winter days.
Snappy - I would have been hard-pressed to take a bad photo that day - we all had our digitals & everyone had gorgeous images to share.
N.S. - But, you've got some beautiful mountains....everytime I visit, I wish I could stay longer.
Titania - thanks for this - I really enjoy watching your garden come to life, as mine is headed off to bed.

sowing the seeds said...

Just beautiful pictures, thankyou for sharing. I especially loved the one looking up into the tree canopys. Must of been heaven drifting below on the boat. Lucky thing!