Friday, January 30, 2009

Little Creatures Need to Come in From the Cold Too

For the past week there's been a big brouhaha over a local Loblaws Grocery Store that was overrun with mice and rats. While rodents are normally content to stay outside for the most part - the allure of warmth, well stocked shelves and an abundance of carbohydrates was just too tempting. I know exactly how they feel. The Loblaws re-opens today with a few less creatures running about.

Helen and I were running about doing videos yesterday, first at the local Oakville Greenhouse on Cornwall Road, and then over to Sheridan Nurseries - where we discovered another little creature enjoying the comforts of retail living. Once a rack of of plants was moved, this lovely little fellow was discovered....can you see him?

Each time I got a little closer, he'd hunker down trying to hide himself in the greenery.

This is as flat as a toad gets without the intervention of an automobile. Very sweet little creature.

The Oakville municipal greenhouse is tiny and chock-a-block with all the usual suspects. From the moment you walk in you're smacked with the smell of damp, earth and green. Many of the orchids have just started to come into bloom.

Apparently on Saturdays, the greenhouse is booked solid for bridal parties.
I've got a couple of coleus languishing on the light table - when I see a planting like this, I think I really should plant up a couple and enjoy them upstairs.

A nice little collection of cactus.

When we were walking by this section, heard a gigantic piece of ice fall off the roof.
After seeing this Persian Shield (strobilanthes dyerianus), I'm on a mission to find a plant. With any luck when the nurseries start to stock up again in the next few months I'll be able to find one.

So, still fiddling around with seed and bulb orders - 2 days ago received a Veseys catalogue with a $35.00 coupon offer when you order $70 or more on summer bulbs and cocaine for gardeners. When it's as dark as it is this morning, all I can say, is it's nice to have my gardening addiction to fall back on.


Jim/ArtofGardening said...

Last year I kept coleus through the winter and wish I had this year too. I'll just have to buy more when I plant my baskets this year.

I love Persian Shield, I've used it for a few years now. It's unique color and sheen (?) are a great foil for almost anything you can put in a planter.

Nice shots of the botanical garden, too bad you don't have any Loblaws shots, pre-scourge.

easygardener said...

Hard to imagine the greenhouse pictures and the snow one existing in the same area (lol).
The toad has found an ideal home as long as nobody keeps moving his shelters!
We are supposed to have snow next week (I'm not holding my breath)

Peggy said...

Hi Barbara,thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I love all of your photos how can you garden in that environment?When does it thaw out? The snow photos are absolutely stunning.

Northern Shade said...

I love the earthy scent inside a large greenhouse, mixed with the blended perfume of the blooms. It's such a pick me up on a cold winter day.

Barbarapc said...

Jim: there was a restaurant in downtown Toronto, where the little beasties were frolicking just below the official "The Restaurant has Passed it's Health Inspection" made for some pretty funny TV.
E.G. 1st item on the radio this a.m. was the snow in London England - 15cm - amazing.
Peggy: Thank you. I'll start stuff on the light table - begonias and browalia over the next week or so - if we get a mild winter we can start some things outside mid-march - otherwise will do first rake-up mid April. 1st frost free day is May 10.
N.S. Just renewed my membership to the RBG - with the colder weather coming back - I'm definitely going for another fix of green and lovely earthy smells.

Gail said...

Hi Barbara~ The Persian Shield does look stellar with the ferns..Oh my, you cracked me up with this "as flat as a toad gets without the intervention of an automobile". I love them and would love to have a few move into my garden... maybe this will be the year. As far as addictions go...this is a good one!


Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

Lovely, lovely pictures of the toad - I enjoy having frogs and toads in the garden.