Monday, January 12, 2009

Lots of Snow, Sunshine & a Trip to the RBG

We awoke on Sunday to find buckets of lovely soft powdery snow. Far more than the 2-3cm that was expected, probably closer to 20 cm (8"). But it was spectacularly beautiful. Without these little bits of Echinacea, there'd be no way to figure out where this bed was. Wish you could see just how the snow was sparkling in the sunshine.Once Kevin got the driveway cleared and the car uncovered, we headed off to the Royal Botanical Gardens to see if I could take some ornamental grass photos. Sadly the gardens are all closed, so we decided to try out one of the many trails instead. The Cherry Hill Gate is across the road from the main entrance and it looks as if the woodpeckers have had their way with it for several years.As you can see, you just ignore the little ropey chain thingie and walk down the hill where you'll find the trails (those that are open) are very well marked.
It is a very easy walk at this point - all downhill.

As we looped back, we found this stump that had been laced with birdseed.

Boy are they fast (or quite frankly, I guess I'm pretty slow) it was difficult just to get this one chickadee shot.

As we rounded the turn, we found an amazing elevated walkway that took us over the frozen bog.

Groups of photographers and birdwatchers had gathered - leaving little piles of birdseed along the top of the railing to entice the little feathered creatures closer for a picture.

There's no barrier on one side - so I suppose you'd have to be careful if you were with children. I like the open feel and unobstructed view. It was about at this point that I realized that I'd worn the wrong boots - the tall ones for walking through piles of snow, not the warm ones for a really long walk. Our tootsies were getting really cold.

But it was so darn pretty, how on earth could we go back just yet?

Cloud formation almost looked like daytime northern lights. There was a certain point when we realized as much as we wanted to go further, we really had to get back.
Can you believe the length of that stick's shadow at 11:00 a.m.?

So to thaw out, we went back to the main RBG building to see the art installation and hothouse. The RBG has a very small Mediterranean garden - something to see if you are going anyway, but certainly not a destination spot. It took us about 30 minutes for us and my camera to warm up.

This pottery Russian doll stood about 60 cm (24").

Kevin sat right here waiting for his feet to thaw.

So much fun to see stuff that we can never grow here - apparently this lovely yellow flowered-plant is from Australia.

A little more art - a fancy go-go girl fairy.

One last whiff of Spring bulbs and we were off. A great outside/inside visit to the RBG in winter.


Northern Shade said...

It looked like such a nice sunny day to be outside, and the conservatory looks like the perfect place to warm your toes after a good winter hike.
The shadows in my backyard stretch most of the way across at this time of year, even at noon. Your photos capture the brightness of a snow filled day, even with the shadows.

Glädjekällan said...

Lovely winterphotoes!
Here the little snow we had is gone and it's raining.
The first green tips of the snowdrops can be seen. But the winter can be back soon.


Frances said...

Hi Barbara, thank goodness for that inside garden spot to warm up. The snow is lovely and I always enjoy walking with you, but cold tootsies are no fun. I would want to stay in the Mediterranean garden and not go back out. I guess that is what happens to southerners, we are wimps when it comes to cold! :-)

Gail said...

Lovely Barbara, really lovely. The blue sky and the snow compliment each other so well...nothing like a snowy walk and then inside to a beautiful warm gardens. I am going to vsit our Botanical garden today! Thank you! gail

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

I just love to see the white snow along with the blue sky in the winter...those are some of the nicest days that I can remember. This year we have no snow (yet) and although it can be messy and I know you would like to see it go sooner than later, I miss having it. I'm from the north and am so used to it, and I'd like my son to be able to go sledding. Maybe later...I'll do a post when and if we get any:) Take care, Jan

Naturwanderer said...

Beautiful snowphotoes. When I will take an photo's I must go early in the morning. In the afternoon the snow is gone. The name of the little bird is in german "Kohlmeise" in lat.
"Parus major". I am german sorry for my english. You can see my blog my passions is to walk through the nature and takes pictures.


Barbarapc said...

N.S. It was a great day - today I'm trying skating the first time in about 5 years - let's hope I stay on my feet.
Birgitta - We general do have rain at some point in January - will be the first time in 140 years that we don't have a January thaw - more snow on the weekend and more forecast. Lots more winter photos on the way.
We'd get you all kitted out and you'd be a snow bunny before you knew it. It's all in the gear.
Hope you found some lovely surprises at the botanical gardens.
Jan: Can't get over the snow this year - last year was 3rd snowiest on record and we're well ahead of last year - will send some to you and your son for sledding.
I think it would be lovely to have snow in the morning, only to have it disappear by noon - thank you for the bird's German name.