Monday, February 23, 2009

If I can just make it through February.....

As my buddies spend days packing to go to warmer spots, I slunk around the house and garden looking for a sign that winter might soon be ending. Bundled up and went outside to see if there were some quince branches that could be brought inside to be forced. Sadly I think the squirrels have eaten most of the buds. Have a look at this photo versus the one below from last year in early February. Found just a couple of buds - quite sad.
Although, on the bright side I've noticed I've learned quite a bit as far as operating this camera - this year's photo much clearer. While I was out poking about saw a few odd and promising sights.
This cold bit of green looking gunk was on a pole bean I'd missed pulling off the fence.
It's always a bit of a struggle for us to get the 2nd year wood hydrangeas to bloom. So far these buds felt nice and firm - fingers crossed for the next 6 weeks or so that we don't have any really foolish weather or they will just be toast, and this bush will just be another variegated plant with pretty leaves and no flowers.

I've really been enjoying all those lovely primula shots from warmer climes & am pleased to present my own Primula 'Francesca' that seems to be emerging from the ice in good shape. It has a nice green and yellow flower and blooms for at least 2 months.

A few Japanese Maple leaves that refuse to let go.

And stand back, could those be buds on my Helleborus 'Ivory Prince'!?! They are indeed.

Not my rose hips, but a girl's got to include a bit of colour in a blog post. These found on my morning walk that same day.

Feel that this photo really represents the colour of the last week.

16 Mile Creek was frozen again. If you weighed slightly less than a bag of flour and wore size 15 skates, I bet it would be safe enough to skate on.

And then, it snowed - not the 15 cm as forecasted, just 5. I have my teeth together and slight snarl on my face when I write, "Isn't it pretty?".

It's enough to make me feel prickly and beige.

So it's goodbye to all those little treasures that were uncovered last week until the next thaw. May it be soon and long lasting.


Frances said...

HA Barbara, prickly and beige it is! I love it. So sad about the quince, I didn't realize that was food for anyone, they must really be hungry. We never get blooms on the variegated hydgrangeas, they seem to be the most susceptible to frost damage. I should rip them out. If they don't bloom this year, out they go. Must be ruthless, for there are other shrubs that will perform as expected. Hang on, Barbara, hang on until spring comes. You can do it, girl.

Teza said...

I hope that Mother Nature will soon lessen her icy grip - it's not fun when her sense of humour leads to more and more snow.
I am not crossing fingers or any other apendages regarding the blue poppy. There is something about the Montreal/Quecec area that they enjoy. I know they like it cool.... a friend had a huge plant next to a cold air release... It's rbilliant and sunny but oh so cold here today.... staying inside with the new Fine Gradening. Thanks for dropping by

Northern Shade said...

At least you had a peek, and therefore assurance, that there are indeed green growing things under the snow. The Helleborus buds, although now insulated, were a hopeful sign.

Peggy said...

Sorry you got more snow, last week you were so optimistic looking forward to Spring! It cannot be long now surely?!

Gail said...

Barbara, You can make it...there isn't much left to February! Then march will bring warmer, sunnier days? Yes? Fantastic news about the Ivory Prince blooms!...I am excited, he's new to my garden and I already love him!

Love the rose hips. I remember reading that every room needs just a touch of red...


simon tinks davis said...

Hi Barbara, Feb' has almost gone thank goodness! Enjoyed the great photos.. Best wishes Simon @LBTF

Barbarapc said...

Frances - Just another day until March...I can do it!
Teza - I think we deserve an award, or at least a new gardening book for getting through this winter. At least the sun is shining today.
N.S. - I know - and yesterday's warm showed even more little treasures. It won't be long now.
Peggy - our first frost free day is May 10th - I'll be out dancing in the garden.
Gail - fingers crossed for a benevolent March - although according to the weather service we could get 40cm (15") more snow. The nice part is that it doesn't last.
Simon - one more day and I'm pouring myself a good drink. It's minus 16C. (-20 with the windchill this a.m.) glad you enjoyed the photos.