Monday, February 9, 2009

The Kind of Weekend that Gives Me Hope

Great start to the weekend - Friday the Stokes Seed order arrived: Marine Bells Browallia, Cleome White Sparkler, Carex Red Rooster, Rudbeckia Tiger Eye Gold, Zinnia Magellan Coral - and some herbs: Dill Diana, Oregano Greek or Winter Type, Coriander Delfino, Basil Di Genova plus the 2 oz of Amaranthus Early Splendor that I'll be packaging up to send out to 800 or so of Kevin's clients.

It really was a red letter weekend -not only did I get one of my seed orders, but the weather started to warm up - a brilliant 8C! A stunning change from the minus 22C of last week. I know deep down inside, that I shouldn't be getting my hopes up just yet, but I'll take any kind of hope after all the snow we've had, even false hope, if it looks this good.

On Sunday it was 2C (35F). See what happens to snow packed pathways when the weather warms up - they turn into wonderful skating rinks.

I was able to sit on the rocks for a while - they felt warm (ok, not Florida warm, but not ice-cube cold either). Even the geese were pretending it was spring.

It was a shame there weren't more people out.

Isn't this a great colour?

It all looks so peaceful - what you don't see, is all the church goers scrambling for parking.

Can you believe it - that's grass on the right side of the path!

And, grass on my own front lawn around the Eastern White Pine - is that not fabulous! I tell you, I'm half thinking it's time to get that mower tuned. There's more warm weather this week - a 10C forecast for later in the week. Who knows, the next photos you see might be of me in the water with the geese?


easygardener said...

Take care you are exhibiting the first signs of Gardener's Spring Optimism! This leads to euphoric mood swings and a tendency to rush into sowing/planting just before the weather takes a turn for the worse again (lol).

Teza said...

I too was out with the camera, but I can't help thinking that I always want to rush things along this time of year only to remember that nobody rushes Mother Nature, not even her friendly gardening soldiers. I love the geese! They sure look happy and full of life. I would be happy if the temps remained where they are now for the next month or two!
The 'Garden Import' catalogue arrived in the mail this morning, so off to see what new gems I can order this year!
Stay warm, and keep the great photo posts coming.... so very enjoyable!

Gail said...

Barbara, Really beautiful colors...the berries were spectacular and the blue sky was a treat to see with the snow and ice~~Thank you for your kind words on my blogaversary! gail

Barbarapc said...

E.G. - I've been checking the Quince to see if there are any signs of budding - alas, none. I fear that my G.S.O. is going to have to be satisfied with light tables and visits to local greenhouses.
T. - Dugald is so wonderful with his temptations - I could empty my bank account every time I receive one of his catalogues. And, thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement.