Monday, March 2, 2009

I Did It!

I got through February and have made it into March. It's -17C today. The normals would be -8C for the low and 1C for the high. So, I guess you would call it truly wickedly cold for this part of the world. Fortunately we are being compensated with sunshine that is eyes-squinty-barely-open brilliant.

Yesterday made it over the the Royal Botanical Gardens for a little walk to celebrate the end of February. I managed to remember my camera, Kevin's binoculars, the batteries for the binoculars, the parking pass, the membership card pass, tissues, extra gloves, my sunglasses, my regular glasses and reduced my wallet so that it could be sealed in one of my pockets. Unfortunately I forgot the birdseed - must have pulled it out when I was trying to make room for my wallet. Kevin & I have seen people hold out their hands to feed the birds and wanted to do the same. Oh well, next time. Lots of people out and about with their children. A good, not too expensive thing to do on a Sunday ($1.00 for parking if you're just walking the trails).

And, if you remember some of my other RBG trail posts - look at how the sight has changed in just a couple of weeks. This area had been covered in snow.
I was shocked to see that so much of the ice had melted.
From time to time, we'd hear a big snap. A little alarming when you're walking across an elevated wooden walkway - but the noises were just the ice buckling, breaking off to join the creek.Thank goodness for the blue sky, any colour that had been in these rushes has been frozen and dissolved in the melting snow.

Not a very glamorous photo - but just look at how the dogwood colour is starting to colour. Or maybe, I'm just imagining it really is starting to take on a spring-like hue.

I didn't realize how many little feeder streams there are leading into this wetland. We probably walked on this one a couple of weeks ago when it was snowy without knowing.

So it was back to the RBG to show Kevin the new atrium, the bugs and take a quick tour of the glasshouse in order to store up some green in the back of our eyeballs. Lots of children checking out the African Snail. Quite funny, the interpreter asked the parents to stand back and the children to come forward. The parents seemed more than happy to let their children come forward to pet the snail while they watched from afar.

They really were having a lovely time - the next creature was a little walking stick.

I missed the notice about the orchid show and unfortunately we had to get back home for Kevin to get to work, so we just did a little rubber necking as we were ushered through the paid area of the Orchid show. This is one of the plain vanilla orchids on the outside of the show. So sorry I didn't get a chance to check them out - just stunning. Will be sure to put it in my calendar for next year.
These lovely seedheads were bright yellow flowers just a couple of weeks ago.

Lots in bloom in the glasshouse.

A few bits of the glass under glass.

And last but not least the bulb room, just filled with hyacinths - so many to chose from. Here's one of my old-fashioned favs - Delft Blue.


Cathy said...

Wow Barbara! very nice plants and
scenery (Even though it's still winter)

Titania said...

Hi Barbara. I do like this brown pre spring country site waiting under a still cold sun to burst out into spring and summer. There is something beautiful about it, the snow melts the brooks show signs of life...A great walk to fill the lungs with fresh air.
The tropical hothouse flowers thrive and it is great to see what is growing around the globe. Thank you for your comment; very much appreciated.

Teza said...

Its so nice to see that the snow is melting... I'll take the brown grass any day if it means that Spring is on the way. I swear I can smell the Hyacinth from here..... one of my favourite fragrances of Spring..... thanks for the great road trip! Try and stay warm..... -14 here today!

easygardener said...

Thank heavens for plants under cover when the weather is freezing outside.
Hopefully the snow will disappear soon!

Gail said...

Barbara, We knew you could survive February! Thank you for the tour and delightful photos of the RBG trail...I can see how very exciting it must have been to know how deep the snow/ice was and to see it melting and popping into the water!

The orchid is such a dramatic plant, don't you think...I love coming upon one that also has fragrance. I think that might be rare.

Have a good week and let's hope the ice continues to melt!


Barbarapc said...

Cathy, thanks. It won't be long now until I can show folks some green (I hope).
Titania, we've got some warmer weather coming and I'm planning to go back often to see how spring unfolds at the marsh. Should be lovely.
Teza, Just one more day of this cold! Tuesday the growers do their drop at Loblaws - I'm going to see if there is a nice pot of something sweet for my kitchen counter.
E.G. You are so right, I just can't enough of the neighbourhood greenhouses these days.
Gail - I was hanging on by little finger nails - but so glad we're over the hump. I just love the fact that the orchids ask for so little and provide so much beauty for such a long time. I've never had one that was scented. Something to look for!