Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Slow Day

I swear if we didn't have such ridiculous weather, we'd have nothing to talk about. Case in point, in March in this part of the world we are supposed to have 20% of our snowfall. If you remember my gorgeous snowy shots from February, you would be quite right in assuming that the only thing we'd be able to see would be the neighbour's roof to the right. Instead, we've had weather as warm as 16C (60ish F) for several days, combined with rain. And this is what my little back garden looks like. Not pretty. I've been so tempted to get out with a rake and move the leaves off, but when I poke about a bit, or try to move a plant tag - still find the ground is frozen about 3 inches down.
Anyway, just had to get out yesterday and do something - it is an official Canadian sin to waste any shirtsleeve day in March. I know that 60F isn't exactly balmy for many folks, but for us and for this time of the year - it's about 4 degrees away from jumping in the car to go find a beach.

As a bit of background, my back garden is long and skinny - about 75 feet x 18 feet. Most of the garden beds are on the side yard of the house. I designed this garden to accommodate my Saint puppy Agatha, who in my old garden took a shine to my Japanese maple and every dogwood I had. It took her about 6 weeks to completely and gingerly munch her way around the bark of the show-stopping maple under the cover of the canopy of dark red leaves. Thank goodness that St. Bernard puppies are exceptionally cute.

This design solution gave her an area of pea gravel (Kevin also set up a lounge chair next to the bird bath so she could rest and have a nice cool drink) and I had my collection of plants. Dear girl is gone now, but it's great to have an area to accommodate visiting friends and their animals.While nothing with roots can really be fiddled with or raked over at this time of year for fear of murdering them - the pea gravel and stone are fair game. Yes, I know I'll have to repeat all of this when I rake the stuff from the beds out, but it was so nice to be out in the garden and it does give me a lift to see it looking a little tidier.And just as well that I had a fit of energy yesterday as today is a day of slow - picked up Kevin's cold - looking a little Rudolphesque - not my best look, but will just stay away from the mirror and duct tape a box of Kleenex to my hip. Tomorrow the repair man comes for the ovens; Saturday is Canada Blooms; and the sun is shining, all in all, except for the sniffles, it's a pretty good day.


Barbee' said...

My husband is almost over his cold, and of course, I am catching it starting with scratchy throat. Hope yours isn't too,too bad (some are worse than others). I think your design solution is a good one, and the leaves you removed are just that much less you will have to move next time. I'd say good use of a pretty day. Get well soon!

Gail said...

Knock wood no one has gotten sick here, yet! But surely now that winter has fled , well at least until the next late frost, we ought to be past the flu and cold season.
having an office at home makes for less illness.

You did exactly what you needed to do...get a bit of garden medicine. Doesn't it works wonders for the spirit. Let's hope winter is beginning to recede in ernest up your way! gail

Barbarapc said...

Barbee - you just made my day seeing that you were back in action - I can't believe that project you have been tackling - puts me and my little rake to shame.
Gail - it does indeed make me feel better to be outside - cold again today. I thought I'd ducked the little germs, but think I'm well and truly on the mend.

Frances said...

Hi Barbara, so sorry for the loss of your beloved pet, and also for your sniffles, but I have to say that the area you cleaned up is marvelous! I love the fencing and especially the round portal in the trellis. The whole thing is charming. I did laugh at the official Canadian sin on not being outside on a day that warm in March. We consider that a good working outside temp as well. :-)

Barbarapc said...

Frances - Thanks for your kind words. Can hardly wait to move the leaves to see how all my little plant children did over the winter. Glad to hear that you like it a little cooler too. My sister-in-law who has moved to Nashville just about perishes when it isn't above 80F.

easygardener said...

At least you have frozen ground to remind you that the weather could turn treacherous. Here I am gambling on no further cold weather - a very stupid state of mind but I can't stop myself.
I liked the story of the secret Maple nibbling - hard though it is to imagine a St Bernard doing anything in undercover, even a puppy (lol)