Thursday, April 30, 2009

Finished So Soon?

Kevin has taken the camera this morning. There are a couple of shots I'd like to redo, but that will have to wait. At this time of the year, I think I prefer the morning light for photos of spring flowers. The evening sun seems to wash some of the brightness out of these blossoms. These shots were all taken around the dinner hour.

A great big sigh and pout from me when I saw my Abeliophyllum distichum. So pretty just a couple of days ago and now almost naked - the flower petals were completely washed off by the rain. Had a look back in my photos in 2008 to see how it was last year. Found many beauty shots of it in its photographic glory - sadly none of it in its scraggly nakedness. Perhaps a good reminder that shots of an end of a period of bloom are valuable as well. I can get very caught up cataloguing the pretties and completely forget about shooting what's finished. There's so much to learn about how to design during these transition periods - maybe things wouldn't look so sad if I'd put in some early daffs or perhaps a Hellebore or three? Certainly looks like there's room.

Morning walk photos follow - it's the week of yellow and pink, as everyone who has a good blast of forsythia also seems to have their own, or a borrowed view of a lovely saucer magnolia. Forsythia gone wild which I much prefer - seems tragic when I see them torchured into shreiking yellow cubes.

Back into my garden the other evening - a very sweet little Muscari.

The doorstep Hepatica before I got to the leaves yesterday.

This is my sale-table-early-no-tag-rhodo that I got from Weall & Cullen when they had a store in Oakville. They are about the only two plants that Kevin planted in the entire garden. What a great bubblegummy blast.

New tulip for me - either Pinnochio or Pirand - I'll know for certain in a day or two - bears no resemblance to either catalogue photo. Very large flower to stem ratio.

It's a good day, taxes submitted, no rain until later today and a garage full of paper refuse bags to fill. And, I even think I have a bag of chocolate chips that might find their way into something delicious....


Gail said...

Some plants don't stay in bloom nearly long enough! I love your bumblegummy's a lovely color...I just had a bit of hit the spot. gail

Kim and Victoria said...

I too hate it when people try to tame forsythias. They were meant to try to fly!
Have fun gardening. I'm sure the chocolate will be great afterwards.

Peggy said...

You have lots of colour just bursting through in the garden! We have had that same rain for about 2 days just very heavy with no wind so it soaks into the ground but enough is enough!

Frances said...

Hi Barbara, your photos are marvelous and I agree about remember where and when there are bare spots that could use a little splash of pizzazz. The forsythias do look so much happier in natural form too. Tulips photos in catalogs are extremely misleading! :-)