Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Quick Tour of the Wet Garden

A quick buzz through the garden this morning - it's off to Mount Pleasant Cemetery for a tour later on - a guided tour with esteemed plant-guy Frank Kershaw. Providing Joan and I aren't hit by lightning and beaned by hail - photos to follow tomorrow!

I'm of two minds with this Polemonium - like the bright colour it adds to the garden during the height of summer - but at this point, I almost think it's too much.

Very sweet little species tulip being dwarfed by the Gallium odoratum.

Oooooh - I had no idea these orangey tulips would have bluey stems and leaves. So cool!

You can see we've had rain - look at the base of the wee tulip - practically drowning itself.

A dark red trillium - year 4 - no flowers. However two leaves - one under this one - so we're making progress. Woodlanders can be very slow.

Looks like I'm going to get blossom on the Mahonia repens:

Now this is Phlox divericata 'Dirigo Ice' - supposedly an icy blue - unfortunately you have to place it next to a yellow to see the icy blue effect.

No, still not seeing it....

Now if you want blue.....Veronica peduncularis 'Georgia Blue' just coming into bloom. Looks like it's a good year for this one!
And my old and only surviving Brunnera - now that's blue!

These green tulips are a little more yellow than I remembered.

Can hardly wait for the purple of these allium.

I've now learned what happens when I plant my daffs after the beginning of September - they bloom after my tulips, instead of before and they're looking really bedraggled, like someone got them out of bed after too much sleep. Next fall I must remember this....

I'd been quite confused to see what I thought was a dianthus about to bloom - fortunately the tag was still in the ground - Lychnis purpurea - and I've completely forgotten what it looks like - the joys of my current short memory - every day is new and fresh!


Outside In said...

Beautiful flowers as usual! I love the blue flowers too, Have a Happy Mother's Day!

Gail said...

Barbara, it is always a joy to read your posts...The sweet smiles that are peppered throughout! I could use that dramatic Polemonium coloring in my garden...but I just heard those dread words...wet garden! We are having a very wet spring, but this soon will pass! We can plant bulbs until December and even later, but I discovered that if you plant autumn blooming crocus in autumn...they don't bloom! Have a delicious week! Gail

Barbarapc said...

Cathy - many thanks - blues are just the best.
Gail - thank you for that. Wonder how it would do in your heat - so much better than some of the older varieties as far as melting away. I'm just about to go out to play - can't believe how much everything has come out!

Kathleen said...

What gorgeous blooms you have Barbara. I love the orange tulip with the blue green foliage too. It's spectacular. I've never seen that variegated polemonium before. The coloring is really nice and would go well with a lot of my pinks! I'm waiting patiently for my alliums too. I know everything will probably pop open on the same day!