Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Little of This & A Little of That

Was out this a.m. thinking that with the coming wind, I'd better catch the last bits of colour in the neighbourhood. What's better than one Japanese Maple, why three of course.

We are between two weather fronts. We had some cold rain this a.m. Just a few hours to the north there was snow. The good news is that behind this cool and wet is some unbelievable sunshine and warmth. We are expecting it to be a blistering 14C (57F) by Monday. For this time of year that deserves a Triple Woohoo x 10 the the power of 6. I'm dizzy with excitement of the idea of being able to plant my bulbs in these near tropical temperatures.

I've noticed that what colour I've got left in the garden is due to the aliens I've planted. The natives have just curled up and put themselves to bed - timing themselves to lives of their pollinators. This is the only Allium ('Ozawa') I've got that refuses to spread, no doubt because there's no creature about to give it a helping hand.

I love this scrambling clematis. Any climber that produces such pretty seeds and flowers at the same time is a winner in my book.

If it were in my own garden, I might have pulled out fallen leaves, but I sort of like having them woven in.

Now, this was going to be my shot of the day. However, it was taken down by the lake, in the historic section of town, with the big trees, with the acorns, with the squirrels which caused Bart, who was attached to my camera holding hand, to circle my legs in frantic apoplectic manner, and hence caused the shot of the day to be out of focus. Will try again tomorrow.

These sculptures are life size. Shoulder height of a moose is about 2 Meters (6+ft). Only reason I mention this is that I had no idea how big they were until I saw my first one north of Lake Superior years ago. We used to rent a Lincoln Continental as our camping car (yes, it was gold and had opera windows too!), my husband's point that if we had to sleep on the ground, we might as well travel in comfort. I was shocked to realize that if we met in the middle of the highway - none of us would be walking away from the accident - the body of the moose being higher than the lid of the car.

Great fuzzy-wuzzy clemie.

I can't believe this, I'm looking out the window and we're getting some sort of ice pellet storm.... Above is a Kolkwitzia - one of the new charteuse varieties that does very little but be chartreuse. Not bad fall colour.

And speaking of fall colour - here are some of my snaps from our Thanksgiving weekend in October taken in the early a.m. So very beautiful and so much to be thankful for:

Same shot, minutes apart.

Nothing like a walk in the woods to build an appetite.

Lots of yellow from the maples.

Almost looks like I've coloured these two trees in.

And at the edge of the forest, there's a great walk across the rocks to a look-out. Not much soil left here after the glaciers left.

Amazing that anything grows at all.

It was just a glorious day.

We'll see about fattening these guys up for American Thanksgiving.

Wild turkeys weren't the only creatures around. Early in the morning Percy joined us in our bedroom with his eyes fixed on this large winged visitor:

My camera only has a 4x lens - so I put on my sneaking up shoes on - left Percy to watch by the window and crept up.


And closer.

And finally, just a little too close:

Quite magical to be able to get so close to such a wonderful bird.


Lucy Corrander said...

I was thinking the top picture was of your house until I got further down the page.

Is your camera new? It's an incredible set of photos.

In all the places where autumn is happening, it seems to be especially wonderful this year. Does it strike you that way?


Anonymous said...

How I love to come visit you, Barbara! While all are so wonderful, the two trees you colored in, great color choices by the way, took my breath away! Great work with those detective footwear too, so close. The woods, flowers, wildlife, just a joy to behold. I agree with Lucy, fall is quite the spectacle this year. :-)

Gail said...

Barbara...Thank you for the walk. Really, this was a lovely walk and those gorgeous trees in the middle of greenery and brown were delicious. As is the photo of Mr Heron! What a beautiful part of the garden you've chosen to live in! I wish American T-Day was in October! gail

Lucy Corrander said...

Back to look at these photos again. So many of them would be worthy of a post in their own right. They really are lovely.


Barbarapc said...

Thanks Lucy, it's about 4 years old now - a point and shoot Canon Powershot S80. Wish there was $$ in the budget for single lens reflex, but until then, beavering away with what I've got - nothing like being in a wonderful spot and having the gift of heavenly light. I agree wholeheartedly - autumn is beyond grand this year.
Hi Frances, I'd love that. Although the next few months are carbohydrates & drinks by the fire kind of weather - although that's not bad either. I couldn't believe my good fortune with Mr. Heron - it's almost as if he was waiting for his close-up.
Gail, thanks, we used to celebrate our Thanksgiving in Vermont in the hills outside of Middlebury when we lived in Montreal a million years ago. I'm for as many holidays as the waist-band can stand & I say why not celebrate them both.

sweet bay said...

So many beautiful pictures. My favorites are the ones with the two perfectly colored trees and the "closer" view of the garden.

Glädjekällan said...

Lovely photoes. Yes, as you wrote, the nature in Canada, where you live, and here in Sweden look similar at this time of the year.


Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Wow, Barbara what gorgeous pictures! Thanks for the tour.

Anonymous said...

Barbara~~ This is just a delightful post! I realized when I saw the flat sans-glacier area that when I saw such places growing up, it sparked my desire for stone in the garden. Years later, I've been lucky to realize that desire and now it's like I've come full circle. Hope that makes sense. I love your close, closer, too close heron photos. All your photos really.

easygardener said...

Lovely pictures. I like the sculptures - I think I would have second thoughts about creeping up on the Moose!
Kind of the Heron to let you get close enough for a picture

GardenJoy4Me said...

Barbra .. how is it that I haven't been here before with you being a fellow Canuck ? .. I have a garden friend in Oakville as well .. these pictures are so beautiful .. I have Dream Catcher beauty berry and I am waiting for it to look like THAT too ? : )
Good grief ... I have been here before .. talk about mind blowing forgetfulness ? Some days I wonder if it is safe to go out of the house on my own ??? LOL

JeaneBee said...

Absolutely beautiful have the eye of an artist.

Thank you for sharing.