Saturday, March 13, 2010

2C, Rainy, Windy & Grey

Took the little Bart for a walk yesterday down by the lake. I was delighted to find this Salix discolor (isn't that a disappointing botanical name for a Pussy Willow?). I went back today without him so I could get a better shot. Straightened out the horizon and focus much improved without Sir B yanking about on my camera arm. Closer would be better, but the rain and wind was coming straight in off the lake and I wussed out and ran back to the car.

I've been watching this crack in this tree get bigger over the last two years - wonder if this will be the year it finally ends up in the drink.
Hope you're fond of chartreuse. I'm going to have to find something else in bloom, but until I do, here's what the Hamamelis looked like. I bet everyone is going to heave a sigh of relief when I find something else starts to bloom in the garden.

I've never met the folks who live here, but over the last couple of years, they've kept us all entertained with their completely over-the-top seasonal decor. The gates were closing as I hastily took this snap - those are life-sized figures just to give you an idea of the urns and their size. I suppose if I were a little bit more dedicated to my photo journalism I would have scampered in there, taken some close-ups and then bunny-hopped back up over the fence. A missed opportunity if there ever was one.


Grace Peterson said...

Very aristocratic if you ask me. Except for the "people" standing guard. How hilarious. Aristocrats with a sense of humor.

Gail said...

Barbara, That is too funny~Are they their stand in kids? Or portraits of them? Sideways rain is no fun...Mr B sounds like a fun pup! gail

Ceara said...

The sight of that house kind of gives me the creeps. LOL Especially when you said the gates were closing.
Love the pic with the witch hazel! I will have to get one of those some day.
We had a touch of rainy windy and gray this morning, but the sun just peeked out for a little bit.

Barbarapc said...

Grace, you would not believe the Christmas display - the Santa on the roof is larger than life.
Gail, I believe there are 9 children - so no need for stand-ins.
Ceara - the weather is much improved from a few days ago - so much so, I'm almost tempted to start moving stuff around in the garden. You'll never be disappointed with a witch hazel - great colour both in spring and especially in the fall.