Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy May Two-Four

Victoria Day weekend in Canada marks the first long weekend of the year where we pretend it is finally summer. Everyone has at least one good story that they can share about how they celebrated the weekend - dreadful weather colours the story line, alcohol contributes to the theme - hence the name two-four - a Canadianism for a case of beer. For cottagers, this is the w/e when you sit in traffic for at least 10 times the power of 4 longer than you normally would to get to the cottage so you can open the cottage, dispatch the mice, cobwebs, dead flies and find out what winter has wrought - and if your cottage is in Orillia this year, you are advised to bring bear spray, because there is a black bear who appears to have it in for visitors (I kid you not....bear-spray - "hold on Yogi while I get this cap off and read the instructions."). Oh, and don't run, bears consider that to be play behaviour, and sometimes it works to wave your hands over your head and shout. And I guess sometimes it doesn't?

I'm staying in the bear-free zone this w/e: Planting plants, visiting good friends and going for walks. Everything is looking just grand right now.

Below isn't the best photo in the world. I took it at Post Park down the street and it gives me the feeling of the exuberance of the greenery.

Unfortunately many of the invasives are at their best too - here is a patch that Garlic Mustard has taken over as its own.
An ivy escapee.
Hopefully it will be a little more peaceful this weekend. So many houses have been razed. You can get an inkling of how many pieces of stone, quartz, and endangered South American forests will be used based on the quality of the hording. Get your Brazil nuts now.
Here's one of the larger homes that's been built. It is classified as an ultra luxury home.
But good to see they've saved a bit of money - there's another big stone fountain in the back yard. Who doesn't love a good 2 for 1 sale?
Don't you wonder what the original models were thinking when they posed for this reproduction of a reproduction?

Time to plant the annuals - back up the truck....

Or just go to Sheridan & Loblaws and pick out your own. This is my little afternoon project after I've done the grass clipping.

There is a glorious wind blowing this a.m. It feels fabulous on my bare arms. However, not so good for photos, but here are a few of the garden:
Anthriscus sylvestris 'Ravenswing' Really hard to photograph in the best of conditions - camera seems to grab every little white petal and not really know where to focus. Excellent plant - let it self-sow.

One of the few hosta in the back yard that isn't on Bart's running track. Sadly H. Guacamole is sitting in the middle of his route and now looks exactly like guacamole - chunky guacamole.

A spider doing Pilates.

A sweet little Geranium - name well hidden.

And the exquisitely yummy Japanese peonies are starting to bloom.

So very beautiful.

The Heracium maculatum is starting to bloom. Although the blossoms are a bit unrefined.

The leaves are unlike any others in my garden - furry, spotty, pointy.

And if I work a little harder on my shot, you can see that the flowers are quite interesting as well. Love the little Dr. Seuss curls.

Give it a proper background and I'd say H. maculatum might even be able to get a date.

Have a lovely long weekend everyone - safe driving!


Veronica Sliva said...

Your garden looks lovely and so mature...something I am lusting after since moving from my old place.

Barry said...


OMFG! And I thought the house in this post was but the summer cottage! How would one go about attempting to create a garden that remains in scale with such an ostentatious display of wealth? How many cars does the garage fir I wonder? [Likely undreground to boot!]

Love love love the Anthriscus sylvestris 'Raven's Wing' - spent the better part of three years looking for it! The gardens are looking lovely. Bart's circuit.... ah yes, the trials and tribulations of a canine owner. Here Riley isn't allowed to even look at the gardens! LOL! {Only joking.... she does a wonderful sashay along the Shaded Walk, touching nary a plant, except the odd swat with her tail [big adorable black lab that she is!] Thanks for the words of commisseration regarding the upcoming weekend. You hit the nail on the head. Sold my Cornus 'Argentea' to a landscaping company who were clueless. Was able to find out where they are planting and paid a courtesy visit to the owners, advising them of the necessities of my most beloved tree in the whole world. They're coming in next week to have me do up a design for another shade garden! I love intelligent, passionate gardeners!

Gail said...

Have a good time planting and relaxing! Gorgeous plants~I would love to visit your part of the world~Just not where the bears live! gail

Northern Shade said...

I like your deck up in the trees. It looks like a tree fort in the picture. Your Japanese peony flower looks so beautiful.

I thought I was past the stage of bringing plants into the garage, but it's supposed to go down to 2ºC tonight, so I put the pots of begonias, etc inside for the night. Have a great long weekend.

Grace Peterson said...

And a Happy May Two-Four to you, Barbara. Beautiful photos and it looks like beautiful weather has befallen you. Hooray.

Spider pilates had me laughing out loud!!!! You are too funny.

There is an ostentatious mansion nearby, built maybe three years ago. I laugh and joke every time I drive by it. "Gosh, why do people build such tiny houses? How are two people supposed to fit in such a paltry, mundane residence? Sheesh!" It was funny the first time but now I think certain family members are growing tired of my lacking sense of humor.

Barbarapc said...

Veronica - thanks. I've got my eye on a couple of things for you. Will get them potted up this week.
Barry - I love it when home owners take an interest in their gardens - and how exciting to have a design to do. Spending dreaming time thinking about how plants will grow and look together definitely puts me in my happy place.
Gail - you would love it - and it looks like this summer is going to be full of sunshine - so while we can't give you the gardens of England we can certainly give you a bit of a tan.
N.S. We're so fortunate to have so many mature trees in the neighbourhood. Am trying to plant more to compensate for those coming to the end of their lives. Know what it's like to have those last dives close to 0 - hope that this will be your last trip to the garage to save your new annuals and that spring will be there any day now.
Grace - we've got a bit of rain today - save me dragging the hose around, and lots of sunshine scheduled for the rest of the weekend - hooray! Whenever I see a house like this - I think of Dolly Parton and how she thought the beautiful lady was the town professional gal and thought - that's how want to look when I grow up - I guess this fellow spent his time looking at Viewmasters of France - and thought, when I'm rich I want to live like Loowie Catorz.