Monday, May 17, 2010

A Quick Spin Around the Garden

Bart was in his element yesterday supervising my backyard garden work. Got all my annuals planted - perhaps taking a chance on some of the tender stuff like the Solenostemon (you know that still feels awkward - what was wrong with Coleus?) The weather forecast looks ok for the next week or so, and next week is our official frost free w/e.

I've never seen my Carex 'Ice Dancer' so short, so late in the season. Perhaps he's the world's smallest cow?

And before I go on my spin around the garden - let's take a moment and watch Bart..... While he's not quite faster than a speeding bullet, he is much faster than my camera.
First pass.




I was having a lot of trouble trying to get shots that I liked this a.m. Light was either contrasty - or hidden behind the clouds. I was standing in the middle of a bed hoping to get a good shot of some really pretty Rodgersia leaves - what a colour! and so beautifully textured. Unfortunately they're growing in one of the darkest sections of my garden under this very pretty Acer. It starts out red, changes to a good light green and then is orange in the autumn.

It was about a meter high when I bought it from Hortico in Waterdown. I really like the way it frames the pathway and view to the street now.

While most maple keys and their seedlings are the bane of my existence, I'm always delighted to find that my Japanese Maples have sent me a new treasure. I'm not sure if the seedling has reverted or perhaps this maple....

and this one....have combined to make this new one?
I've noticed that there often are colour themes in my garden - right now it's purple.
You know those folks who are prettier than their photos. Well, Lychnis viscaria atropurpurea is definitely better looking than these photos would suggest.

I've got it by my pathway so I can see it when I come and go. I'll cut it back to its leaves when its done.

I wintered this Helichrysum italicum in the garage. Not the nicest fate for certain, but I'm being rewarded with blossoms - a first.

Would that be a petticoat I see?

A Friday shot...the wings were vibrating very quickly.

Wilt in my favourite Agastache - rats.

I'm quite proud of these tulip leaves - almost as nice as H. June.

Heuchera 'Georgia Peach' - I find it's a challenge to pair another plant with these neat looking Heuchera. I'm thinking Grace may have the right idea putting each one in a special pot and displaying them as a collection. This was an annual grass I grew - Bronzita I think - on year #3.

I think I like this combination better than one I did with a pale pink geranium. Anyway it's top of mind at the moment as I figure out position/placing/combinations for the new Terra Nova plants I'm putting in this afternoon.


sweet bay said...

Bart is a cutie. We had a JRT named Molly that we had for 20 years that we lost in August 2008. As I recall she had a half-mask brother. One of her nicknames was Zippy.

Your garden is looking lovely. Beautiful shot of the emerging Allium.

Northern Shade said...

If your could keep Bart on the grass, he could pull a little reel mower behind him, no more lawn mowing.

I wish that Japanese maples were hardy here. They have such beautiful leaves and tree forms.

Your front beds, under the tall, stately trees are great.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Barbara .. I love the stop action of that white whiz little speeding bullet Bart ? LOL .. that was cute !
Wow you have a lot on the go and yes .. we are a bit leery with that last frost that happened eh ? I lost all the coleus I bought to do the entrance pot with .. had to buy them again .. thankfully they aren't that expensive !
I love your Maples : )and YES .. those damn keys are the bane ? of my life in the Spring .. constantly picking them up or pulling them out ? haha
Your garden is looking lovely girl : )

Barry said...

I too love Agastache ruprestre [sp?] but find it difficult to overwinter here. Another perAnnual for me. Love seeing the new foliage of the A.palmatum species - such a variety of shape and colour. Their keys are so adorable!

Here's hoping the f word is finially finished for the year! It could still be a bit warmer too, but we mustn't complain too much, we never know who is listening! Thanks for the whirlwind [courtesy of Bart] tour of the gardens!

Gail said...

Bart is too cute! I wish I could let Coal out into the garden~I need a cat to keep me company. It's going into the 90s by weeks end in nashville. What a difference several thousand miles makes;) being one of those people who look so much better in person then in photos I totally appreciate Lychnis viscaria atropurpurea not looking his best. I often feel that my garden would show better with another photographer. Speaking of Lychnis viscaria atropurpurea is there a reason you cut it back after it flowers? gail

Barbarapc said...

s.b. 20 years old for a dog is amazing. I've always had big dogs so I'm looking forward to having Bart in our lives for a very long time. Love the nickname of Zippy.
N.S. I suspect he'd just do the same circuit over and over and over - but what a good idea. I know that some folks use Rhus as a substitute for the Japanese Maples - they do have some of the leafy characteristics. Also have a friend in Quebec who grows his Japanese Maples from seed - they only get about 4 feet or so (snow cover).
Thanks Joy - I was laughing so hard when he was doing his spin, I had no idea how it would turn out. Hopefully we're past the frost - put my tomatoes and (perhaps foolishly) my basil out. Fingers crossed.
Barry you are a master - that was Agastache rupestris 'Apache Sunset'. It's a short lived perennial for me. So will put it on the seed list for next winter's seed order. And, wasn't today a treat - all I want to do is play in the garden. Almost want to get a blanket and sleep there....almost.
Thanks Gail - do you think Coal would go for a harness? Our former cat Ansel Adams loved his. 90s - I'd would melt into a puddle. I'm so impressed when I see great gardens like yours (and gardeners) who not only stand up to the heat, but conquer it. You've made me think about my Lychnis....I don't really know why I cut it back other than its beside the pathway and it's one of the few neaty-tidy areas I have in the garden.