Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Walking Around the Edges

Was thinking about those last days of school before the summer. We'd pass around little leather bound signature books and ask our fellow classmates for some kind words and their signatures. I used to write (around the edges of my appointed page) "When you're in the country and walking 'round the hedges, remember Barbara Phillips who writes around the edges".

Which brings me to today's post. While I was walking the Bart (pictured below doing his pre-walk pout) I could not believe how many people have stretched their gardens to the street - so here's my walk from the edges of a number of very lovely gardens just steps from my house.

Very little grass - just lots of flowers. I covet that little Viburnum.

Old-fashioned iris just waiting for me to have a sniff.

Thalictrum purple puffy and pretty.

A not-really-this-blue alert, but very, very pretty.

Oranges in the sun.

The house has changed, but not the garden - this is a 'passel' of ferns. (In the middle of Larry McMurtry's Dead Man's Walk - he must have used this word at least 5 times and I'm just 1/3 of the way through - can't believe that I'm as old as I am and I've never used this word passel before - and look twice in one post!)

I could stand for days waiting for the light to change to capture these ferns. But, must leave Bart at home - I took 8 photos and this was the only one that was blog-worthy.
It's out to the garden now to water. It's predicted it will be 32C 93F - in either measurement scheme - ridiculously hot this time of year especially for all the new plant material.


Barry said...

What a most enjoyable neighborhood you haev been blessed to live within if these gardens are any indication! Ferns.... lovely to covet and ogle, but very temperamental when it comes to photographing them. Ridiculous doesn't come close to describing the heat..... I have felt like a puddle all week long.... thankfully I've been on H2O duty this week at the nursery.... there are small miracles after all! Try and stay cool!

sweet bay said...

First of all: that is an adorable picture of Bart.

Second: your neighbors do have very lovely gardens. The iris and hosta together are outstanding. One could get a lot of good gardening ideas walking around your neighborhood! It's a shame, around here people have a lot of space and hardly anyone gardens.

Bumblebees do look huggable don't they? I've heard of people petting them but I haven't tried it either. If I got stung wouldn't I feel stupid. lol

Barbarapc said...

Barry - I so hope to get the rain this week - can you believe, I've got a section of grass where the soil is actually cracking. Fingers crossed for this evening's promised showers.
S.B. Thank you - he's my shadow - I know I include too many pictures of him, but just can't help myself. You really can get some great ideas - and so nice that rather than just having garden in the back yard, that folks are stretching their flowers to the street. I've got a friend from the East Coast who says "They had it coming" - and I'm with you on this one - it was fun to watch that person pet the bee, but I'm certainly not going to do it.
Knatolee - I'm really fortunate - I enjoy it so much here. Today is perfection, now it would only rain...

dining tables said...

I love the gardens! Your place must have nice fresh air. The plants are so healthy.