Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cue The Raindrops

As if by magic the heavens opened and there was rain.  Lovely rain that lasted all night long. 
The Allium azureum went from a raisin faced stick to a ballet dancer beginning her developpe.

Something Mum will be able to do shortly now that she's home from having her second knee installed.  I picked her up this at 9:30 a.m. and got her back to her apt by noon.  We purchased her meds using the pharmacist in a box in the hospital lobby.  You press the screen and a good looking man appears.  You push the prescription requisition into one of the slots on the box and after many questions and a credit card number, one by one the prescriptions appear just the way a Coke would.  I suppose it's a safer way to dispense narcotics in a downtown hospital, although it takes about 4x as long.  While I was waiting for the transaction to be completed, I wondered where the handsome man lives?  Suppose it could be anywhere.

Writing this post using the new Blogger editor - some new odd kinks to learn - but I think the new kinks are better than the old ones.

The Inula is doing really well so far this year - don't seem to have the same insect problems.  I ripped a pile of it out last year when I decided it was too big for so little bang.  

I've got this wonderful patch of fall aster.  Each year at this time I whack it back by almost half using the Polygonatum as my measurement line.  Yesterday it was so dry, even they had sun and drought damage to their tips.  They look much happier today.

My Calycanthus florida proves year after year it is a tremendous bush for dry shade.  The tips of the flowers were brown from age rather than from the elements.  And it continues to bloom its odd shade of flowers.

Two more pointy images before I leave you to switch out of my 'speak to the medical professional' clothes and into my gardening gear.  Farmer Barbara is going to go vegetable harvesting - looks like it's stir-fry for dinner.


sweet bay said...

I wonder how many hospitals dispense narcotics that way. Very interesting.

I love the picture of the Allium, the blues and the greens running together with the raindrops.

Barry said...

How wonderful the rain was, even if I slept through it, or at least until the hydro went out three times in the wee hours of the morning. Everything is starting to perk their heads up again,,,,, similar to the Allium in the opening photo..... gorgeous!

Barbarapc said...

sb Took another photo this a.m. and it just wasn't the same without the water droplets.
Barry - after one thunderclap I was off to the land of nod as well. I hate it when the power goes off in the night - actually even more when it comes back on and I've forgotten to power off the computers - nothing like the Microsoft chorus coming from our two offices signalling that they're on and ready for business.