Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Old Vicarage East Ruston

For those of you who dream of having everything you want in your garden, but are unable to have it, may you be lucky enough to visit Alan Gray and Graham Robeson's Old Vicarage in East Ruston who made their garden dreams a reality.

Our tour bus made the quest out to the gates of the garden only to find out that we were early - no one gets in early.  So off to the North Sea we went where I had the most delicious stem ginger ice cream while we walked on the beach and dipped our toes (well, Kevin did) in the water.

I had no expectations of this garden and had done no reading before hand.  I'm sort of sorry I didn't know more going in.  I might have approached the gardens in a different order - starting on the outside and working in perhaps?   Am definitely glad I didn't know about the nursery - that way the amount of time I could spend pining about plants I'd never be take home was cut down significantly.

One thing you should know is that everything here is from Alan and Graham - they bought the Old Vicarage in 1973 - it came with 3' tall grass - that's all.  Which makes it all the more remarkable.

And, there's not just one style, there are many in the 30+ acres.  I enjoyed the fact that so many of the styles are completely do-able here as well.  I think this would be great for a small modern townhome.

How's this for a change of pace....

This has to top my list of the best looking brassica patch - don't you just love the Amaranthus saying howdee?

There were surprises at every turn.  Here at an opening:

Look over the fence and see how pretty the meadow is.
If I come back as a bee - I want my hive to be right here.

Jumping back to the California garden here is a puya (I think....).  The flowers were the colour of something between 1950s linoleum and a turquoise chevy.  Sadly the colour doesn't really translate too well here.

The next couple of photos show some remarkable pots and plant combinations.

and then on the other side of the door

I'm going to stop here for the moment.  More from the Old Vicarage shortly.  I promise.


Carol said...

How unusual ... nice to see some folks are open to all kinds of ideas and design. I wonder who likes which or do both or ... it is just fun to think how a couple might come up with so many ideas. I love the meadow and the collection of small clay pots outside the greenhouse. Is that a reflection of you in the door? Wonderful photos thank you for sharing this... I would have love to have been there to dip my toes in the ocean too. ;>)

Veronica Sliva said...

My favourite garden on the trip because in little snippets, much of it is doable here at home.

Gail said...

Love the meadow and the classic blue and yellow flowers! What a great tour~the pots by the door let's you know these gardeners have fun! gail

Barbarapc said...

Carol, thanks. If they had a book I would have bought it - looking back at my photos, I have so many questions for them. Yes, that would be me in the glass.
Veronica, there were so many great ideas in this wonderful garden for both folks with small and large properties.
Gail - and there were tiny little dots of poppy read here and there - just magnificent. These fellows had an absolute blast. Wait until you see the rest - I can't believe their energy and creativity.

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara, I'm sorry I've been away so long.

What a marvelous tour. I love all the pots of echiveras and aeoniums and the window box ? with the crimson dangling thingies is genius!! I might need to copy it next year.

Love the first shot too with hubby at the beach. The sand under his feet looks like a mattress with its gentle give. Nicely photographed, dear.

Now I'm off to round two.