Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Colour is Oozing from the Landscape

Summer eases into Fall here in Oakville. There's that first primal scream day when I see the first red leaf in August, followed by days of golden light and leaves giving up their green to show you what they've been hiding all along.  Just yesterday was our first day of frost, signaling the lindens and the hickories to sever their relationship with their beautiful yellow leaves in single a day. 

The last part of the fall, is that November grey - perfect for Remembrance Day - soldiers and gravestones and sad thoughts.  The only leaves left are those tanned and tough beech leaves clinging to their tree skeletons.  And of course, the gooey leaf gunk left in the roadway by hopeful residents that the leaf sucking machine will make it before the weather changes and they end up being snow plowed back and forth all winter.

But until then, if I look closely I can still find colour.  Sometimes a little closer to the camera, than further away.  Thank goodness for my new camera and its close-up abilities - saves me walking across the lawn to get the photos I crave.

I was on the hunt for burnt orange fabric yesterday to make some cushions.  Thought I was having an original thought.  Perhaps not.

Taken on Sunday - you see how I'm counting on the evergreens to help with the living bridge across the road now.

A mighty oak down the street - I think I like this shot well enough to do a blow-up for my office - Costco has amazing prices.

And Halloween - Bart dressed up - Herc trying not to laugh.  Both watching what my friend Gill calls 'Oakville TV'.

Took the vegetable garden apart this w/e.  I'd been less than impressed with the size of this tomato plant and its production.  Hmmmm, perhaps this coconut pot isn't all that it is cracked up to be.  See how the roots barely made it through the pot!

It was a w/e of work, so Kevin and I took a quick trip to my mothership, the RBG.  From just a few weeks ago, you can see how the colours have changed.

The colour palette is definitely more subtle:

Gone are the golds and purples.

Now you can really see how things have changed.

Although the ducks seem completely oblivious.

And these geese don't appear to be going anywhere too far.

I think I'm getting a little bit better with my bird photos.

Wish I could send you the sound of the wind in this grass.  It's amazing how you can change everything by just changing the angle of the shot.....looks like I've moved ahead in time by a month, rather than just 5 minutes.


We went to the end of the path, and then returned home to get ready for the ghosts and goblins.

 And, wouldn't you know it, just as we got within 5K of home, the sun came out.  Stuck my camera out the window and took this shot while Kevin was driving.  Seems like the colour isn't completely over yet.


Carol said...

I love the sound of wind in grasses too Barbara. Lovely post. I am blown away by the "mighty Oaks" Great shot! Great for anyones office. ;>)

Northern Shade said...

Whenever I see the shots of your neighbourhood, I always wish that more people on my block planted trees. I like the forest look better than the prairie look. :) There is nothing like the atmosphere large trees, like that oak can give.

Bart looks very festive, and is a good sport. He must be used to Herc's demeanor by now.

Gail said...

Barbara, That is a good shot to have in an office~Takes you out into nature with one look. Our fall is fading away and rain is dropping the leaves from the trees. Brr! Wet and cold. I love walking in the park with my husband; it's a great time to talk. gail

Knatolee said...

Gorgeous shots, and I love Bart's outfit!

bonnie said...

Oh Barbara ... your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! Did you know that you can print them on transfer paper and iron them on fabric ... might be an idea for your cushions. Bart is as adorable as ever!!! ... Bonnie :-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, Barbara. I love the little chickadee and the ducks. The fall colors are gorgeous.

Jennifer@threedogsinagarden said...

The last maple leaf fell from the tree this past week and now I have my work cut out for me! You are right that there has been a shift to a grayer landscape. I love your image of the chickadee and the tall grasses in the wind. I can just image the sound of the grass in the wind.