Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Rain

We've seemed to glide into December as far as the weather is concerned this year.  A dusting of snow just once, sunshine for days, and warmer than usual for most of the month.  If this is our fall - bring on winter - how bad can it be?*

*No, I've not started on the Christmas cheer - just steel cut oatmeal, grapefruit and a lovely cup of coffee....honest.

It is a dark, gloomy, rainy morning.  Don't you just love the way Mr. Squirelly Nutkin brings his tail over his head for a bit of relief from the wet?  This is taken from Kevin's office - Bart moved Mr. S.N. off his perch leaping from floor to guest chair and then to the window  -  fixing the little creature with his death gaze and blasting away with his impressive bark.

Finally feel that I'm on the mend.  So nice to be out and about again.  On my walk this weekend, I found this terrific little shrub.  I'm always interested in plants that hold their leaves (and colour) right into December.  And the owner very kindly left the toe tag on so I was able to see that this is Spirea thunbergii 'Mellow Yellow'.  It has very pretty willow-like leaves, good colour & is one of the last neighbourhood hold-outs as far as leaf retention goes.  Reading my Dirr, I discovered that it must be cut back after it blooms, rather than before.  It is a lovely woody that would be worthwhile finding space for.

 The beech hedge is still holding on too.  Such a good colour of brown.

 And, it's that time of year when dads all over the neighbourhood start to plant hockey pads.

Look, it appears the birch r-deer have added to their family!

Closer to the lake, a Hamamelis is in bloom. This is one of the historical homes in town.  I wonder how old the planting is?

And to finish for the day - here is my favourite grass planting.  The owners of this house are right across from Lake Ontario with nothing obstructing their view.  Pretty garden & great view!


Jennifer@threedogsinagarden said...

I am glad that you are feeling better. It has, mercifully, been a mild November, hasn't it! I am not looking forward to snow just yet- if it arrives a few days before Christmas that suits me just fine. I have never noticed a squirrel holding his tail over his head to keep dry. Maybe the squirrels in Oakville are smarter than they are a little further north! LOL! I will have to watch local squirrels more closely now. Its kind of neat that they creative enough to invent their own umbrellas.

Grace Peterson said...

I'm glad you're feeling better Barbara. I have a Spiraea thunbergii that is still green. I agree with Mr. Dirr, to cut it back after it blooms just makes it bushy and lush. It's a great plant. I'm sure 'Mellow Yellow' is even finer with it's chartreuse-y foliage.

Fingers are crossed that the weather will remain mild.

Cute Mr. Nutkin!

Patty said...

Lovely pictures of your neighborhood. I do like those grasses that belong to the lucky lake view owners. Your neighbor from Burlington,

Gail said...

Barbara, So glad you are feeling better~MY Spiraea thunbergii hold onto its leaves for quite some time and colors nicely in the frost~ Hoping your health continues to improve~gail

Kim and Victoria said...

Nice walk. Love that first shrub.