Friday, April 8, 2011

Sprinter Continues

It has not been an especially difficult winter:  It has not been terribly cold;  The storms not especially fierce;  The snow has arrived in quantities that could be dealt with in a timely manner.  However, it feels as if it is endless.  And it's tax time....and I'm working on the income tax prep.....

However, last week we caught our breath and went to the Keefer Mansion Inn for a two-day getaway.  Very reasonable, very lovely, very quiet.  Poor Bart went to prison for the first time.  You would not have believed the look on his face when we picked him up - it said, "What on earth were you thinking???????"  Our holiday obviously went better than his.  We'd even paid for play time (yes, I know, we're nuts) and he refused (a Jack Russell refusing to play?) so they refunded our play fee. 

During our stay, we went for a drive to Fort Erie, Port Colborne, Niagara Falls, and Niagara on the Lake.  While the Welland Canal is open, (this is the shipping route to get around the Falls between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario) you would not believe the ice flows still on Lake Erie. 

We stopped for a short visit to see the butterflies in the Niagara Parks.  I had a phobia about butterflies for many years.  Don't know why I did, but three years ago during a monarch march through the garden - I'd planted all sorts of things for them to eat.  I decided enough already.  I went out to the garden, stood between the garden beds and watched as hundreds of butterflies fluttered from one flower to the next over my head - it was beautiful.  Phobia done, but still have to work on my butterfly photos. 

This down from the falls - the whirlpool lookout.

This is the device that you go on to hang over the whirlpool.  It is 100 years old or so.

From this angle you can see just how incredibly low-tech it is.  That red box is made of wood.

And for peeps like me, who have yet to conquer their fear of heights, they can just drive around the whirlpool from the comfort of their car, or perhaps their bike.

This great cat guards the entrance to the butterfly conservatory.

It really is a lovely looking facility.

The horticultural students were out working like fiends - no doubt this bed is all clean and ready to go by now.

There is a sign before you go in to let you know about the varieties that you'll see.   So for those of you who like to label your photos correctly - this would be a possibility. 

What a fun office window to have....just noticed my reflection is verging on slightly creepy....

Made me think of poor Bart.

And just a few more random shots, because I really don't want to get down to work.

I've procrastinated long enough.  The adding machine is calling me. The sooner I get it done, the sooner I can go outside and rake leaves, the sooner I'll see the little flowers poke their little heads above the ground.  And the sooner Spring will finally be here.


Susanne said...

I don´t really feel like welcoming spring once I really feel the winter had not yet begun. That´s quite sad.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was a fun trip. Love the butterfly photos.

Gail said...

Barbara, Our cat had the same reaction to being left...As if we had abandoned him. I am glad you are over your butterfly thing and enjoying them more~gail

Glädjekällan said...

Lovely butterfly photos!

tracysmorris said...

What wonderful butterfly photos!

Kim and Victoria said...

Very pretty.
Yes, it has been a long winter.
And for some reason we've lost a quantity of established plants. Time to clear them away and go for something new.

Knatolee said...

I was last at that butterfly conservatory in 1996, I think, soon after it opened. Loved it! And that's a gorgeous kitty.