Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Spring Green

The day started with great industry and has been percolating along ever since my feet hit the floor:  garden inspection, laundry, walk, dog washed, ironing, groceries fetched and put away - and finally a little time to sit and read and write.  Bliss. 

The garden chores have been tricky to accomplish between showers and storms.  Some beds have been edged properly, though not weeded completely.  Others are starting to look like they might not even be cultivated.  There were fierce storms again this a.m. in southern Ontario.  Heard on the radio that two homes were destroyed by fire after lightning strikes.  On Saturday, the storms were very close, will see if I can get a good shot of a massive oak in the neighbourhood that was nailed by lightning.   Quite frightening.

But all this water has brought us green at last. Here are some bits and pieces: 

My favourite hosta at the moment:  Pineapple Upside down cake.

The delightful spring green of Carex - fortunately Bart prefers the wider leaved varieties to chew on so this little one has kept its nice shape.

'Chardonnay Pearl' Deutsia - the best behaved Deutsia in the world - small petite and wonderfully chartreuse.

This is H. 'Cynthia'.  She has all these all colour variations in the spring and then reverts to dark green.  The holes are care of Bart.  Unfortunately Cynthia is on his running track, next to the chipmunk and squirrel tree.  

I could positively roll around in this greenery.

The Thalictrum holding its blossoms in tiny fists.

And last, but not least, leaves of the Sanquinaria canadensis very prehistoric looking.


Peggy said...

Hi Barbara,our weather has also taken a turn for the worst!April was sunny & warm with temps away above average.May turned windy and now June is wet & windy!
Great for all things green but flowers are being burned and blown to bits

Barry said...

There are no words to describe this wonderful green in the gardens! H. P-upsidedown Cake is most delightful, especially the reptilian parentage resulting in those fabulously ripped leaves! I tried D. 'Chardonnay Pearls' but gave it the heave ho for its cousin D. 'Magicien' with the two tone single pink flowers held in small racemes.... have you tried it? Looks like more rain this week, so the vibrant green should continue for a wee bit longer!

Northern Shade said...

You have to love lush growth sprinkled with water drops. I like the miniature forest of ferns that seem to go on forever. Sanguinaria leaves are so attractive, which makes up for the loss after the flowers have finished. H. 'Cynthia' isn't doing too bad, considering it stands between Bart and his squirrel mission.

Barbarapc said...

Peggy, that doesn't seem fair does it. The green is little consolation when you're hoping for a little sunshine and benevolent weather.
Barry, am very interested in Magicien. Just did a google image search - it is gorgeous. I'm going to check on its size - may have just the spot across from H. USDC - have a little hole of crop failure where a buddliea decided that it really is dead.
N.S. And indeed it is those little water drops to which I owe such a debt for the green everywhere. We're having our first killer hot day - stems folding in revolt 37C with the humidex. Although I'm sure the tomatoes and eggplants are sighing with relief that summer may actually be on the way!

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