Friday, July 22, 2011

Still No Rain and 30C in the Shade

 The really good thing about weather like this is that I don't feel compelled to get out there and weed - it's simply too hot.    Most of the wild-flowers and their derivatives are doing well, as are the bananas as you'd expect.  Look at how much bigger the new leaf is on the banana bush - this is going to be one strange looking plant later in the season.  Do leave your name and number if you'd like to be on the list for the banana daiquiris in September.

Found my first zucchini to harvest yesterday.  How do they double their size overnight?  They are from Martha Stewart seeds - an older variety.  Looking forward to reporting on how it tastes.  Although, if it's from Martha, we know it has to be good, don't we.

 Took Bart on an early morning walk to avoid the worst of the heat.  Down on Lakeshore Road found three properties that had extended their gardens right to the curb. 

Have you ever seen Impatiens squared off so?  No doubt someone got the laser-level cutting shears for Christmas.

And right next door, is this marvelous garden that dares to show its curves.

If you walk around long enough, you can eventually find the one other person in Oakville who doesn't have a sprinkler system.

Here are the Brugmansia that start out white, then go to yellow and now are blushing beautifully.  Reminds me of dancing petticoats.

 A little closer.
 Ah yes, it wouldn't be a post without a few Japanese Beetles.  Apparently they prefer the variegated Brugmansia.  What's with the eating pattern?  Obviously two insects with a series ADD problem.

 And that's that for Friday.  I'll leave you with Bart and the Hachonechloa he uses as his digestive.  May you have a terrific weekend.

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