Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Waiting for Godzilla

I ordered him this morning on EBay.  I know it can be dangerous to bring in foreign predators.  But I figure I can keep him well fed.  And now that Lake Ontario is cleaner, he can frolic between bug meals down there.  I was doing quite nicely with my JBBOD (Japanese Beetle Bucket of Death) when something inside me just snapped.  Maybe it was emptying the carcases it for the 4th time?  Maybe it was thinking that there might be a better way? Maybe it was seeing the bloody beetles on the Berberis thunbergii 'Gold Ring'?   Anyway, do hope he gets along well with the cat.

The buffet has spread to the Eupatorium 'Gateway'.

Doesn't Dr. Oz say, look for those plants that are full of colour?

The last time I saw Godzilla, his arms looked a little short, do hope he doesn't insist upon using his tail.

A small patch of garden without Japanese Beetles.  (Coreopsis 'Route 66')

As I went for my walk this morning thought how nice it will be to have Godzilla join Bart.  On that note, must remember to get him a tag for the leash free.  I hope he's had his shots, can't imagine having to take him to the vet right off the bat - so upsetting.


Kim and Victoria said...

What/who is your godzilla? I'm soooo happy we don't have those beetles. Shhhhh.

Jennifer@threedogsinagarden said...

Hi Barbara, I so dread those horrible beetles! It was heartbreaking to see the picture of them gobbling up your pretty rose! They have yet to arrive here and I have the sinking feeling that it is only a matter of time!
Your garden is looking good. I like your astratia and the Splish Splash geranium.

Anonymous said...

I too have a JBBD. I do use a squirt of dish soap in mine. These beetles have made the past 3 Julys miserable for me as I watch them destroy all of my roses and my 3 Rose of Sharon standards. I have tried to spray my lawn with nemotodes and have also used the traps. Nothing works. I have 4 beautiful New Dawn climbers and 4 David Austin roses, plus carpet roses. I'm thinking of pulling all of this out, plus the 3 Rose of Sharon standards and replacing with clematis and some low maintenance perennials like day lilies or coreopsis to get my sanity back. It's such a shame, but I'm tired of trolling the garden, knocking over fornicating beetles into soapy water during the peak of summer.