Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Avon Gardens IN

The weeds, the lawn and the Brugmansia were all waiting for me upon my return from Indianapolis.  It was the first time that all three were blooming at the same time.  I played Friendly Giant* and moved my chairs around in the lower section of my back garden so I could sit facing them.  I was intoxicated by their over-the-top petticoat flowers and head slamming scent.  Bart didn't care what I was doing, just as long as the two of us were back together in the garden again.

While I was sitting there I became rather perplexed with a garden dilemma.  See that patch of big round leaves to the lower right.  Well, next to them is a species/bush type variety of clematis.  And from the chair on the other side of the umbrella looking back I realized that I need some height, need to banish the big round flowered plant because it needs more water than I can provide, move or destroy the bush clematis that isn't nearly fancy enough to stand out at all and find the perfect plant.  Last year I planted a butterfly bush.  It was perfect until it died.   With the neighbour's tree gone, this garden is turning into a burka zone.  So much for the shade.  Anyway, will have to think on it.  Its attributes must include late flowering, height of around 3 meters tops, and hopefully be poisonous to Japanese Beetles.

Enough garden dilemmas for the moment,  I would like to kindly jerk you back to the wonderful state of Indiana yet again.  This time to the marvelous display gardens of Avon Gardens.  While the summer was a trial in Indianapolis and surrounding region, these gardens were absolutely lovely.  Beautifully cared for and a great design for weddings, parties or just plain poking about.

There are 5 acres of display gardens, a nursery and small giftie type store.  I like the way it was all put together - imagine how 5 acres has swallowed almost 400 people.  Amazing.

I can assure you there's nobody at the bottom of the drink.  Kevin was golfing with Walter this day - at a golf course laid out around the Indie500 racetrack.  When I showed him what he'd missed he said, "I bet everyone took exactly the same picture of that waterlily."  It was a lovely waterlily, it deserved its photo-moment.

See the state of Indiana isn't flat at all.

Ah, here are a few of my fellow travellers.

This specimen was over my head.

Even when the light is too bright....

the grasses look amazing.

Well, would you lookie here, big round leaved plants with enough water send their blossoms over the leaves rather than along the soil line.  Anyone with a pond want any of my Ligularia?

This was the pathway before lunch.

And during as we queued for our meal.

Wonderful little butterflies on the nursery product.

These hosta were in perfect shape.  No doubt the trees are forbidden from dropping anything on them.

And here's my last shot at Avon gardens - showing that even the butterflies are at their best at this garden treasure.

*a 15 minute CBC children's show from many years ago - was paired with another 15 minute show  - Chez Helene in Montreal which made up my permitted daily TV viewing. 

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