Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Experiencing Short Term Pain For Long Term Gain

I finally got my new computer - an IMac.  It came last week.  Because I was running with 3 external drives with my old Dell Inspiron 9300 and had increased my memory 2 times,  the nice blue shirted man at Apple said I needed 2T of memory.  It took about a week to arrive.  And then because of work deadlines - it sat in its box just waiting for me.  Yesterday I took it back to the store for a set up.   Another nice young man in a blue shirt helped me unpack it and plug in in.  Then he said, "I just love watching people start to play with their new computers, because they get so excited."

If he liked excitement, he should have seen me this morning when I was unable to attach to the internet.  Fortunately there is a little white manual that I was able to refer to.  It suggested I visit the Help section of the Apple web site - How to Connect to the Internet.  You know, it's odd how such well intentioned, though ridiculous, instruction can send someone who is so very close to the edge, over......just like that.

Fortunately my personal friend and computer expert was able to talk me through it all - hard boot of the router, reconnection to the internet of both my and Kevin's computers.  I managed to get my printer to work; forced my scanner into retirement; removed my speakers from the desk and found the three pieces of software we loaded at the store yesterday.  I'm meeting with a 'Genius' (blue shirted person who knows stuff - I kid you not) tomorrow to help me find the UNDO key; explain what the command key does; help with the ejection of the scan disk so I don't get an error message each time I try to remove it; and hopefully if it isn't too much, maybe, just maybe, help me get some text inside the text boxes on a consistent basis.

Without further ado, here are a few random shots of the monarch migration on the tips of the Heptacodium and on various flowers around the garden captured over the last few days.....

always nice when butterfly bush works...

not a monarch, but a visitor all the same

the bits of petals of the Heptacodium knocked down by the orange marauders

here's what the Heptacodium trunks look like

while I was photographing the b-flies up above, on the street, the hospital run was in full swing:

Time to start on supper....and I think a small glass of wine may be calling my name.


Corner Gardener Sue said...

I forgot to mention I saw a couple monarchs in one of your previous photos. I enjoyed these, too.

I hope you get your computer issues sorted out. My husband gets calls from people who need computer help, so I have someone who can help as needed. He doesn't blog, though, so I had to learn things on my own or with the help of other bloggers.

Barbarapc said...

Day three & everything is improving. I'm having fun with the monarchs these days - just wish that tree was a little shorter so I could see all the creatures floating around. Almost at the point where I'm considering going on the roof.....

Learning on our own is the best way for remembering for me, but sometimes getting to that ultimate solution is a little (actually more than a little) frustrating!

Céline said...

Cheers !