Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I feel like I've fallen off the earth

Still hunkered down with my new Mac.  At first I decided that I was just going to take all the documents I made before and try to recreate them on the new machine.  Then after fiddling about, and trying to glue hair back on above my ears realized that I was going to have to do it the long slow and probably better way:  teach myself the software and then see how I can do my job better.  There's no point just pasting the old over the new and missing all the good stuff the new has to offer.  However, my head hurts and it hasn't left much time for sending my thoughts out into the universe.

I fear my less than positive thoughts have caused some of the more expensive bits of mechanical stuff that I rely on to fall ill - the CRV was doing a ur UR ur UR ur UR noise while simultaneously doing BRIGHTER less bright, BRIGHTER less bright warning lights thingie.  I told Kevin it was the alternator.  He said that it was impossible for me to know that.  We're picking up my fixed car with the new alternator shortly.  I'm not all that clever, I simply had the good fortune to drive a Dodge Dart Swinger in the 70's that would break down and leave me/or a loved one in a situations so frightening, you will never forget what the car sounded like before the alternator gave up.  My mother still goes out to dinner the time car died between Montreal and the West Island in the centre lane of the 3-lane highway.  Fortunately the Quebec police were close.  Unfortunately they parked in front of her - they knew a dangerous situation when they saw one - and left quickly once they knew she'd finally been able to restart her engine.  Nothing like a 318 (when it's working) to get a car up to speed when everyone is zipping by you doing 70MPH.

And, down the hall, the Sub Zero is sub par - it's leaking.  Fortunately it's still covered under the long-term warranty.  All fingers crossed that the repair man will arrive before the w/e.

So enough about machines not working, here's a few shots from my Thanksgiving weekend showing that I do indeed have much to be thankful for:

The best bench by the lake - that's usually empty and waiting for me.

the glorious places to walk here in Oakville

my wonderful little Hamilton pound hound Bart.

the weather that has been so glorious for late season flowers.

Bart too is thankful - here he is ready to eat his first Tim Bit.

And most of all, I'm thankful for family, our friends and the time we spend together.


Kim and Victoria said...

Very pretty area; lucky you! Bart is the cutest dog!
(We love our Mac)

Barbarapc said...

K&V It is lovely & the weather just makes it fabulous at the moment. (it's a slow courtship, but I think it's going to be a lasting one.)

Lona said...

What a beautiful shot of the coastline. These old machines. Great when they work and a pain when they don't. What a sweet puppy. The late roses are just the prettiest. Have a wonderful week Barbara.