Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Visiting an Old Friend

Last year when the Laking Garden was closed due to a problem with the access road, it was almost as if a favourite friend had left the country.  How was I going to get by without my peonies, iris and hosta garden?  I did, but just barely.

You can only imagine my joy at learning that the Laking Garden was going to reopen.  (It will close again in early August when the road work finally gets underway.)

I figured if I got there this w/e I might still be in time for the Japanese Tree Peonies.  I was a little concerned when I saw that those by the front ticket gate were done.  However, I was thrilled to see that those lovely saucy girls out in the shaded part of the garden were at their peak.

Just to show you how things are looking after a year of no guests.  This is the entry before the main garden.  

How quickly they forget about you.  Where is everyone?  Maybe looking at the lilacs at the Arboretum?

As soon as we saw the peonies, I made a dash for them.  Kevin took Bart so I could hold them camera still.

It would be hard to decide which is prettier.

If I had unlimited funds and room, I'd build a garden around Japanese peonies.

Other than good soil and putting them in the right spot, you really don't have to do much else - other than, throw a Japanese Tree Peony party.  Does this not say pink champagne?

Or perhaps something in a martini glass with a bit of cranberry?

Meanwhile, Kevin and Bart headed over to the mid-sized iris while I was framing shots, they also found a sign explaining where the turtles come up to lay their eggs.

I believe the sign on this one said, "Kermit the Frog"

The hosta garden isn't a huge one, but one of my favourites.  Love the patterns the trees' shadows cast on the grass.

Next time I'm going back with a sandwich - that bench would be a great spot for a picnic.

It was back up to the top of the garden to the old heritage site demonstrating what would have been grown in old Ontario gardens in the 1800s.  They've added some fun old lawn and garden equipment as decorative features as well.  

And then home to my own garden and my very own J.T.P. blooming away. Though not as big nor as splashy as those at the gardens, they're definitely one more reason to celebrate this time of year.

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