Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rosedale Garden Tour

Peggy and I had managed to get to the headquarters right on the dot of 11:00 (the tour starting time) to pick up our all-important brochure and map.  Unfortunately by the time we got to the second garden we'd wanted to see, everyone had caught up with us and the line-up was halfway down the block.  So, on to #3 for us Rose Cottage.  After a short wait we were ushered in.

The fun part of being really rich is saying, I'll take that, just unfasten it, and put it there.  This is the steeple to St. James Cathedral (where my grandparents got married).

Lovely old walls, door, and look at the wonderful bits of tiny stonework at the edge of the step.

I wouldn't have thought of using the Corydalis lutea as a wall plant, but it works quite well.  You can see bits of other nice yellow plants - there's a Kirengeshoma just in front.

You don't need the fanciest annuals in the world to put on a show as long as they are healthy, well grown and are in fabulous pots.  How's that for a little wrought iron fence just behind the pots?

The Agapanthus - obviously from a greenhouse - mine is still thinking of putting on leaves, not even thinking about blooming yet.

Imagine having a house large enough that you'd have a special gate just for deliveries.  Next life perhaps.

Probably the prettiest delivery area the delivery man will see all day....

 On the other side of the house, there were new old ruins and one of those white roses.

Very large house - smallish garden, but done by owner.

The garden tour cat.

Simple, but pretty combination.

This was Peggy's favourite garden.  Very old-fashioned, very hands-on gardener in residence.

This is a really sweet little plant - does anyone know what it is?  Obviously have to be a bit careful about spreading, but I'd be willing to let it run about, it's so pretty.

Best dog-lanai on the tour.

This pathway leads to the potting area.  The pots on the stone wall are all filled with snap peas.  And, there were roof-top gardens as well - sadly we just saw them from the ground.

Poor Kevin's going to be very busy bank-robbing.  This is something else I really like.  Might even install a wine fridge.

A spa for plants - marvellous courtyard where the tropicals vacation during the summer months.

One of the gardens around the house.

And then, from old, to new.  Voila Versailles Canadien! Birch trees, river stones (that must have to be scrubbed weekly) archways, art, stone, fountains.  Formidable!

Backyard roses - pale pink, not white.

They really are magnificent.  Couldn't have timed them any better.

I don't know how you feel about this, but I really prefer to have my drinks table on the right.

Headed to the house in the centre - it's a semi - have a look at the front of the can see a hint of blue/grey of the back.

This was a wonderful garden done by owner who loved to collect, mix and mingle her plants.  

I'd tried to grow Tibouchina from seed - not much luck.  However, if you want this look, they have them at Loblaws for about $25.00.

There were lots of j. maples - so very pretty.

She'd left the almost blown poppy - looks like it's got peony leaves.

I adore the fat digitalis with the teeny leaves behind.

Here it is from another angle.

Our dear lady is holding a garden trowel.

More happy flowers dancing together.

Good shade specimens.  And you have to hand it to this saucy tart, being able to stand so still when

she was getting a snail hickey.

And one last picture - this post seems to be running a little long.  This gives me hope - see the size of this variegated cornus alternifolia - if you can grow so tall, so can the one in my front garden.  (For those of you on the west coast I realize that this is probably a weed tree, but for us we practically have to feed it single malt to get it through the winter.)

This garden just makes me want to rethink my plant combinations and go out to the store to get more unusual plant material.
More Rosedale Garden Tour coming soon!


Jennifer said...

I am curious as to what was your favourite garden on the tour Barbara? For me it was this last one you have shown, partly because the homeowners seemed to be directly responsible (unlike the other, more professionally tended gardens). I don't know about you, but I'd do this tour again next year. I thought that the gardens overall were impressive. Have a great weekend!

Barbarapc said...

Absolutely - have done it 3 times - the beach and the Toronto Islands and now Rosedale - all excellent. It is an expensive tour as far as tours go, but considering what you get to see, the organization, the little tour buses, I'd go again in a minute. For the variety of plant material and things I'd never seen before, and the fact the owner was hands-on, this garden was my favourite too.

Jeff White said...

Wonderful tour! I'd guess the sweet plant with heart-shaped leaves and white flowers is Houttuynia cordata. I've always seen the highly colourful, variegated form.