Thursday, July 19, 2012

I just ran out of space

And I'm not talking about space for plants....

What, no more photos for me?  Apparently I must start to buy space monthly to put my photographs up.   Has anyone else received this message?

"Whoops! You're out of space. You are currently using 100% of your 1 GB quota for photos. Upgrade storage
Photos are stored in your Picasa Web Albums account and are included in your 1 GB free quota for photos. Additional storage you purchase is shared between several Google products and is in addition to your free quota. Learn more"
Always a little leery of a message requesting a credit card number....would have been nice to get a little warning to know I was burning through my free quota.  Anyway - putting this out to the universe - what to do?

p.s.  what you would have seen today was Bart, a bunny, Bart and the bunny, European Wasps nesting in a black oak, an robin chowing down on some Cornus alternifolia berries, it's back - green slime on the lake, my first green bean that I ate immediately after the photo was taken (those last two images and thoughts would have been separated), a monarch egg, a gigantic Heptacodium, the Gymnocladus that is now taller than I am, some great grasses, Bella Anna's cool later summer colour and a future new home site where I'm planning to go to rescue some phlox.


Peggy said...

Hi Barbara, this is the first blog I have seen this on, I was not aware there was a charge at any time!can you delete photos from Picasa to free up space?

Martin W said...


Doing a Google search on Picasa Storage plans, I found this page which talks about the 1 GB limit.

If you images are less then 800 x 800, they don't count to your 1 GB limit.

See info about "Free Storage Limits" at URL

I suspect when you upload your images you load the full size image which counts towards your 1 GB total.

Picasa does allow resizing. See URL

I have no experience with the Blog software so you will need to see if you can resize photos and keep links to them from the blog entry. Then delete the large images.
If not, it would be a pain to have to change photos for each blog entry.

Hope this helps.

PS: Enjoy the variegated Canna and Berlandiera lyrata.

Martin W said...

After a little further investigation, you have a few other options.
I have no experience with this software but I'm learning as I go.

When you upload new images, specify a resolution smaller then 800 x 800.

If you sign up for a Google+ account, your free size limit increases to 2048 x 2048.

Barbarapc said...

Sadly deleting them off Picasa removes them permanently off your blog. I'm at the point where I'll probably have to pony up and pay something. Reading the fine print - it would seem that the moment you're over your 1G and need more storage - it's like a rental - your stuff disappears when you want to stop paying - it doesn't stay there in perpetuity. So, do I switch to a hosting service and go to WordPress - you pay for the hosting service, but the rental for space is "free", or to keep everything together, do I pay the freight and give them my credit card. It really makes you (me) reconsider blogging and how I want to go forward - the moment there's money involved, everything changes.

Barbarapc said...

Thank you Martin. Excellent plants - looking forward to watching their progress in the garden.
I'd read that too about the smaller resolution and that they don't count toward your total. I've gone back to see that tho most of mine fall into this category, obviously my bucket is overflowing with these smaller files. I'm going to have to see about maybe looking at paying for a hosting service for both my husband's business and mine and using WordPress as my vehicle. B.

Martin W said...

It is puzzling why your smaller files would count towards your total.

I would suggest looking at the Picasa - Google Groups forum and posting a question there. Here is the URL!categories/picasa/picasa-web-albums

If you decide to go the pay route, I've heard good things about Squarespace.

Jennifer said...

Hi Barbara, I got the same message just the other day. That's what I get for doing such image heavy posts! It doesn't surprise me that they are finding ways to make money off all us bloggers. I broke down and started paying the 3 dollars a month by credit card. I didn't see any other alternative. So now, not only am I making no money blogging, it is costing me. I think some people would think that I am crackers for doing all this "work"! But for now, I can't see giving blogging up. It is just too much fun. Have a great weekend!

Barbarapc said...

Jennifer, I was going to ask you if you'd had a similar message - I figured those gorgeous photos you post had to be space-dense. When I complained to Kevin about having to pay all that money for all those years I have left - he did the math for me (o.k. I probably don't have 60 years left, or 50, maybe not even 40, probably closer to 30) and for the fun/enjoyment/work, it really isn't all that bad, so I'm definitely leaning in the same direction as you. And, as a support to your artwork - definitely tax deductible.