Monday, July 9, 2012

What I've been doing since I haven't been blogging

Our family has had a couple of grand days - just back from Mum's 80th Birthday celebration at The Briars on Lake Simcoe.  We gave Mum a E-picture frame loaded with photos that I'd scanned from ancient slides, negatives and photos over the last couple of weeks (hence no blogging for me).  I had lots of photos of many family members, and precious few of Ian - the second grandchild.  We were joking that after he was born, he appears to have been whisked away to a foreign country and returned at about age 14.  So I made sure I took lots of pictures of him that Mum can add to her frame.  Here he is with Mum.

This is on the designated birthday - Aunt Carolyn - my Dad's sister and Mum.  
The table flowers were from Aunt C.

On on our last day before we left - my brother Owen and sons Andrew and Ian in the back row - Aunt C. Mum, the cake, Joanne and I in the front.  Kevin had to dash back to the city for an open house.

For those on the east side of Toronto, the resort is about 45 minutes away at the bottom of the lake.  Lake Simcoe is a large lake situated between Lake Ontario and Georgian Bay.  According to Wikipedia it is about 744 sq kilometres (287 sq. miles).  

I hadn't been back to visit since I was a little girl and we'd rented a cottage.  The beach across from the hotel is rocky and sadly full of zebra mussels - so footwear is a must when you go in for a swim.  The good thing about the mussels, is the water is exceptionally clear.

The resort is a the perfect mix of gracious and low key - you can do lots, or nothing at all.  Of note, the same family has owned this property since 1840.

The grounds were beautifully cared for - lots of perennial gardens, a huge veggie garden, and hedges that broke up the property, so you could wander without seeing a soul.

 So just a short post today - my mother-in-law and her niece from Halifax are coming for supper.  Chicken skewers, roast potatoes, something green and Eton Mess  - all something a gal with a broken arm can handle.

And, if I've got a moment - the weather is so go - not too hot, I'm going to see if I can tackle those weeds that don't seem to have any problems with 36C weather.

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